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Q900  Are there any sprays, pesticides or methods that can be used to eradicate Asian lady beetles from inside a home located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Jack.
Don't use pesticides.  See the answer to # 898
Q899   We have tons of the Asian lady bugs at our house. we are doing some construction and have found a home of thousands. is there anything (preferably natural) i could do, or that i could spray the area with?  Sheri.  Niagara Falls
Don't use pesticides.  See the answer to # 898
Q898  I need to get rid of thousands of lady bugs : they have taken over my home, in every room , in my bed , in my cereal .
Please can you help me get these bugs under control so I can enjoy my home again. I can't stand it any more.  Suzie.  Port Hope, Ontario.
The best tool is your vacuum cleaner.  These insects would rather be outside but unfortunately ended up inside after spending the winter somewhere in your walls or other cavities.  Read about them on our Lady bug page to prevent a re-occurrence next year.
Q897  Why would about a thousand flying (carpenter) ants suddenly appear in a room of our home and what do we do with them? Right now we closed the door. Its an addition put on years ago and we never had a problem, all the windows are shut tight. Please advise
Janet.  Vernon, BC.
Winged ants are reproductive males and females (future queens). They have been raised in a nest somewhere in your home and the nest has probably been there for at least 5 years. On warm days workers push out the smaller winged males because they think it is spring.  Larger females will soon follow.  These ants have only one purpose:  to mate and start a new nest, but they are not destructive like the workers in the nest they have left. After fertilization, the males die and the females will seek a suitable place to start a new nest.  It must be a damp location so they will fly to the windows trying to get outside. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the flying ants. They represent a very small percentage of the nest population.  Call a professional to deal with the more serious problem: the nests of workers that may be causing structural damage.  More about carpenter ants.
Q896  We have ants in our house which are 1/4 inch in length, black with a red thorax. What type of ants are these?  Doreen.  Enderby, BC.
Vicinus Carpenter Ants have a black head, abdomen, and a rusty red thorax (mid section). At this time of year (March) there are very few ants moving outside of nests.  The exception is carpenter ants that are nesting in a home. Save a specimen and call Roland at Integrity Pest Control in your area. He is an honest and reliable pest professional.         More about carpenter ants.
Q895 I have moths flying all over my house very bad. I think they are clothes moth im not sure. In my kitchen I have cucuns or somthing in the crevices of the ceiling and the wall. I thought they were coming from my parrots cages because I did some research and found out that they like to live off of feathers. I don't have a picture. Thanks for any help anyone can give me I would love to get rid of these pest!!!!!!!  Tricia.
You likely have Indian Meal Moths. The larva are cream colored worm like creatures that can crawl up walls and across ceilings. You may have imported them with the parrot feed which is not treated for human consumption.  Check it carefully for larva. Other dry foods in your home may also be infested.  More about Indian Meal Moths.
Q894 Is there a good Canadian web site for ordering insects? I'm looking for mantis (of various species) hissing cockroaches, and millipedes. There are no local pet stores where I live. I want to prevent the trouble (and extra cost) of shipping from the US.     Rebecca,  N ova Scotia.
Q893  i would like to know when is the best time of year to get an exterminator for lady bugs. we had them in the house all winter and now that it is warm it is worse, or if there is something out there on the market i could spray, and where do you spray the siding ground or what. Please help
The best solution is to keep them out in the fall. They are in the process of moving out in the spring. Read the answer to the question below and see the Lady Bug Page for more tips.
Q892  Please note to all who are enquiring about these lady bugs---beetles- which came from Europe. In 1990 a farmer from Chatham, ont brought in 5 tanker loads of these beetles to stop other bugs on his soy crop and corn. As you know each wind that blows these beetles are carried away, but the farmer doesn't have to worry because they multiply faster than jack rabbits. Sorrily we are left with the problem of these biting babies etc and don't know what disease they may be carrying. they are 10 times thicker than the black flies ever have been in northern ont. they get into the insulation in a house, lay eggs in your carpets where babies crawl etc. The only salvation I have had from them is to take the bounce sheets that are left over from your dryer and dust your furniture with them and i also hang them inside my screen door and wipe my screen door with them. they don't come near bounce. I think the farmer should be held responsible for this. Don't you agree Maggie, Sarnia, Ont.
Sorry Maggie, but someone has been giving you wrong information. The multicolored Asian lady beetle is a native of eastern Asia. These insects were released in California by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 1916 and in 1964 -1965 for biological control of pecan aphids. They were also released in the late 1970's and early 1980's in Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Washington. In 1988 a population of multicolored Asian beetles was found in Louisiana, apparently the result of an accidental introduction from a freighter in New Orleans. These lady beetles spread quickly throughout the southern and eastern United States. No one knows whether their presence today is due to deliberate releases, accidental introductions, or both. Although multicolored Asian lady beetles were never released in Minnesota, they moved into the state from nearby areas. They were first sighted in Minnesota in 1995. The first report of major infestations around buildings occurred in 1998, and by 2000 the insect had generally dispersed throughout the state and moved across the border into Canada. Multicolored Asian lady beetles do not reproduce indoors. They do not intentionally bite humans but have mandibles that are large enough to pinch tender skin and could draw blood. More information about lady bugs and their control
Q891  Where can I purchase the following Product:?  Victoria yellow jacket flying Insect Trap.
Manufactured by Woodstream PA/USA.  Item # M 362.  Max.  Edmonton, Alberta.
Integrated Pest Supplies in New Westminster is a distributor of Woodstream products. You can view their web site and contact information at:
Q890  What is the best ingredient you use in the pest control solution?  Michele
The best solution for any pest is called Integrated Pest Management.  It may or may not include the use of pesticides.  When pesticides are used they must be chosen carefully for each specific type of pest. There is no magic powerful solution for all pests.  Read about I.P.M.
Q889  I see white mice running around in my house where do they come from. and how can i get them out of there i don't want the gray ones that's running around, seeing the white ones scared me half to death....please tell me what i can do to get them all out of my house.  Vonda
White mice are rather rare in the wild. They are usually albino and the birth frequency is about 100:1. To have several white mice I would expect to find that some pet mice escaped from somewhere and have set up in your home. Check the rodent page  for excellent tips on how to deal with the mice and please fell free to visit  for additional info. But the most important part of a rodent control is a full top to bottom, inside and out inspection. So you may want to contact a local professional.
Stuart Charbonneau BSc.  Territory Manager,  Liphatech rodent control products
Q888  We have a mouse and are using a Pest Offence device recommended by a family member. I am pregnant - are Pest Offence devices in any way harmful to pregnant women or unborn children? The model number is UP-1164.
We do not offer medical advice, but I doubt that ultrasonic sound emitted from one of these devices could cause any harm to humans. They have little effect on mice.
Q887  recently i have noticed silver fish inside the glass of a picture I have hanging in my living room. How does silverfish get inside a picture.? It is an art gallery picture bought back in the 80's and cannot be taken apart. How can these silverfish be taken out? I noticed it near the corner of the picture frame. Its noticeable since the picture has a white background.  Thank you for your information.  Sheryl.  New York.
Silverfish eat paper products and they especially like some types of glue, both present in a mounted picture. If you can't figure out how to open the frame take it to a picture framing shop.
Q886  Found few half dead bees on the carpet. noticed that from the second floor outlet fan vent, bees making sounds. couple days after that found few dead bees. How do i get rid of bees from my attic and how do you think they got there in the first place ?
Please reply and need help badly since i have little kids at home. Thanks and much appreciated.  Robert.  Riverside.
A wasp blaster aerosol may work if you can spray it directly into the nest, but true bees can be difficult to eliminate with pesticides. A pest professional may save you a lot of pain and frustration.
Q885  Help!!!! I'm allergic to yellowjackets, yet I have a nest of them in my brick veneer near our toddler's play area? How can I get rid of them and keep them away permanently?   Vickie.  Kentucky
If you are allergic to stings you should probably call a pest professional in your area. Once they have been eliminated, caulk the cracks, crevices and openings around the brick veneer to discourage another colony from establishing a nest.
Q884  I live in a condo building (3 floor of a 7 floor building) in downtown Calgary, and have noticed mouse droppings under my sink, and have caught the mouse in the corner of my eye travelling from the kitchen to my spare bedroom. Is this a problem I should tackle on my own, or should I be contacting the condo board, as the mice might be travelling to/from other units? What is the best way to get rid of them in a building like this? Georges. Calgary
I would be very surprised if other tenants in your building were not having visitors as well. So I would suggest that you let the Condo Corp know about the mice. In a multi-unit building you will often have different issues with different tenants not to mention the mechanical areas of the building which my have restricted access. Therefore it would be best to get a professional in to handle the problem. But there are things that you can do to prevent the mice from finding your home again. Please check this page  for tips. Also feel free to visit  for addition info.
Stuart Charbonneau BSc,  Territory Manager,  Liphatech rodent control products
Q883  I have mice & I'm not getting a cat, I'm borrowing one. How long do you think i should keep the cat around for?
Until the mice are gone, but........they will come back if you do not eliminate the food source that is attracting them and plug  their entry points.
Be careful how you store the cat food.  Mice love it and could have a good feast while Sylvester is sleeping.
Q882   A mouse has died inside the walls of my apartment and the odor is unbearable. How can I rid this odor?
The best solution is to cut a small hole in the base of the wall and remove it. The odor from one dead mouse does not seem to last very long.  Perhaps there are more.  Try to block off the entrance to that cavity in the attic or basement, and check any electrical wiring in the area for chewed insulation.
Q881 We are finding 3 - 5  of these millipedes in our UPSTAIRS bedroom every morning, which leads me to believe there
is a nest somewhere.  Do these guys like living under carpet? (Find them usually close to the baseboards)  Perhaps they got there when we moved a plant upstairs?    How can I get rid of these – should I throw away the plant, as it may be infested, spray it, or get new carpets?   Thank you for your time.   Brent. 
Millipedes prefer a damp, dark environment and are commonly found in basements.  If they are in the top floor of a home, there could be a moisture problem as a result of poor attic or roof ventilation, a roof leak or non vented bathroom. The may crawl out into your living space if there is a large population and they are seeking food.  Pesticides are not very effective.  Try to correct the moisture problem.
Q880  This pest is about 1/2" in length, has two little tails, fairly long antenna's, seven legs per side, black and yellow ( yellow seem to be in a little box pattern ( maybe 7 boxes per pattern) have found them upstairs and in basement also. I will try to enclose photo's with this question.  Pat.  Spruce Grove, Alberta.
Sorry Pat, the photos you sent are too blurry to identify. Perhaps someone else may recognize the description.
Q879  I have a small black insect with a beige colour strip and black dots in the beige area.  I have found these in my kitchen.  When I reviewed the recently asked questions, on the site where Julie from Halifax sent in a photo of the insect they have.  It looks like the small one at my home.  What are they? and how can I get rid of them.  Thanks,  Peggy
There are many types of wood boring beetles that are often called powder post beetles.  This is probably one of the many species.  Wood damage occurs when the larva burrow through wood, digesting some of the wood fibers.  More Information.
Q878  I work at a mall and a buyer is bringing in furniture from Indonesia. They apparently have to be sprayed for some type of bug before coming into the USA and probably Canada. Any Idea what this is - the smell is terrible and people get congestion and headaches quickly. Thanks
If the furniture was sprayed or fumigated in Indonesia it may be difficult to find out what insecticide was used. Some countries have few regulations about the use of pesticides.  If the treatment took place in the USA, you can trace back through your supplier who provided the service and what product was used.  This information has to be made available by US or Canadian licensed pest control businesses.
Q877 I realize that I'm a long way from Canada, however your site is the best I've found for my question, and I think it would apply to Canadians also.  We just moved into a manufactured double wide home, and someone told me that to minimize (or eliminate) spiders and snakes (which we don't seem to have) a good preventive is to place moth balls into a plastic sandwich bag, punch holes in the bag to allow the fumes to escape will work. Do you have any comments on this? Thank you very much. Don.  Houston, Texas
Moth ball certainly have an effect on most insects but I am not sure if they are labeled for spider control in Texas.  Snakes?  I don't think so but we don't have too many snake problems in Canada.  Most of the snakes we have are predators of insects and spiders.
Q876  I am having a horrible problem with pill/sow bugs in my home. I have read the tips to get rid of them but they seem to only help home owners. I live in an apartment so I can't go and caulk everything inside and I can't change the landscaping outside. My apartment isn't a moist environment either. How do I get rid of this problem?  Cory.  Baltimore
Sow bugs can not survive in a dry environment.  Pesticides provide only a short term solution.  Correct the moisture problems.  Sow Bugs
Q875 What's the best way to deal with bats? They get through the corrugated iron roofing of our home. Are netting, mesh and spikes the best option? Tony.  London
Spikes will not deter them but netting should work if it is installed properly.
Q874  I have bed bugs and i was wondering if i could use my vacuum to get them out?  Marilyn.
A vacuum cleaner is an excellent insect control tool but other methods may also have to be used. Clean very thoroughly all the seams, tufts, buttons of the mattress plus inside the box spring base.  This web site has some helpful tips:
Q873 I have bought a new mattress and it was actually infested with a kind of insect. I am not sure whether it is belong to the mites family or a bug. I have managed to discover this problem and threw the whole mattress away. However after 2 months I discover the same creature on my new sofa and there's many of them. They are easily killed with fingers by just pressing on them. Their length is around 1mm, with a soft body and light brown in colour. There are many of them and now they are everywhere in my apartment even on floor tiles. I have been trying all kind of ways to eliminate this insect but they keep on popping out everyday. They're not in the bathroom and if were put in water will kill them. Would appreciate your advice to solve this problem. Thank you.  Darren.  Malaysia.
They could be psocids. (book lice) They like warm moist conditions.   They feed on dry foods, starchy items and paper. They do not bite humans.  For more information click on Book Lice on this page.
Q872  I manage an apartment complex and we have a problem with box elder bugs getting in the basements does any one know of a preventative measure besides caulking we can take to help eliminate the problem. Someone suggested washing powder does anyone have any feed back on this?  Sue.
In the fall when they gather on the outside walls, spray them with soapy water. This will reduce the populations but some will still enter the wall cavities if you don't seal all the cracks.
Q871  For two years now we have had Crane Flies, you know the large mosquito looking insect? Anyway, they are the most horrible thing and we have thousands and thousands. How can I get rid of these?  I had a company spray last year a in October, as I have been told the best thing to do is spray in March-April and then again in October therefore getting the larvae to prevent more adults. I have also been told that once the adults are hatched that there is no way to get rid of them, even though they feed off the grass.  Since we sprayed as soon as the weather got warm in October there were tons of babies on the cars in the morning.  They totally freak me out and once August comes I cannot sit outside without them bothering me, never mind that they have totally killed my grass. There is brown dead patches everywhere.  Please Help. 
Thank you.  Tarra.  Bolton, Ontario.
The European Crane Fly was a pest previously known to inhabit maritime regions in North America, being first reported on Cape Breton Island in 1955, and in Vancouver in 1965. Then in 1996, indications of damage caused by the larva of this insect, better known as Leatherjackets, were reported for the first time in Ontario. Now it appears as though they are becoming widespread across many areas of the province.
 Crane Fly adults do not sting, nor do they cause any damage to our lawns. They are relatively weak flyers, tending to "bounce" from area to area as they fly. These adult Crane Flies emerge from the soil during late August and September to mate and lay eggs. Then the Leatherjacket larvae begin to hatch within a few weeks. These Leatherjacket larvae will immediately begin to feed on the turf roots. Feeding on the grass roots will continue through the fall, and into the following spring as the larvae grow. Significant turf damage can result if left unchecked. During the months of June and July, the Leatherjacket larvae begin to pupate, only to emerge as the adult Crane Flies and start the cycle over again.
     In the past Leatherjackets have been successfully controlled with insecticide sprays. More than one treatment is often required.  Many municipalities have, or are now considering bans on insecticides for lawn care, and  the best products have been removed from the market by the Federal regulatory officials.  There are some labor intensive control methods and ways to change the warm wet environment these insects prefer but it is likely the problem will continue to spread without the use of chemical controls.  Talk to an experienced lawn care professional and your city council. The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and food has more information on their web site.
Q870  Will rats that have been into poison climb on you while your sleeping. I'm really paranoid about this i have two young children and we had to use poison to get rid of them we are infested. My husband and my dad dug a whole last spring into the side of the house and foundation to get it ready for this year to put a bathroom and bedroom in and they came in through there. We have never had a rat problem before we have had the odd mouse but never rats. We are also using traps. We have caught already 15,  I'm really starting to get a little scared that they will go at my kids or something. Could someone please help?  Tammy.  Toronto, Ontario.
Traps can be very effective if properly placed and maintained daily.  Try to find a way to block off their entry point. Poisoned rodents behave strangely before they die. They could crawl on people when they are sleeping, but they generally get very lethargic and hide in or close their nesting spot.
Q869  I have mouse in my townhouse and was told to use poison baits. My concern is having the mice dying between the walls and floors. I have a finished basement with panelling and dropped ceiling. I was told it wouldn't smell but I think this would attract other pests if not more mice, if they are cannibals. Also, I had roaches before. I'm using snap traps now.
Thanks, Ava
Keep using the traps if they are working, but be sure to maintain them daily.  If they do not eliminate the mice, put a bit of poison bait in bait stations then place them along the routes the mice are traveling.  The best location is in crawlspaces and unfinished basements.
Q859  Which Toronto pest control company treats residences (apartment) against clothes/carpets & other WOOL MOTH?
In Yellow Pages the companies usually do not have MOTH on their lists of pests. Some of the companies are ready to take on any job, without bothering to explain the specifics of such treatment. Kindly, name 1-2 companies in Toronto (or near Toronto) which really do it, also their phone numbers, if possible.  Stella. Toronto, Ontario. 
Effective control of clothes moths requires cooperation with the homeowner. Clothing and other small items that may be infected should be removed and laundered or dry cleaned. They may also be placed in plastic bags in a freezer for a few days. The professional can advise you on this after doing an inspection. The professional can also advise you on what areas of the home should be treated and the method that is appropriate. Most experienced professionals will be able to take care of your problem.  We suggest using the services of a member of the Structural Pest Management Association of Ontario.  There is a list of members on this page.
Q858  Our home has been invaded with lady bugs. Do you have any suggestions other than vacuum system? Thanks.  Vera
The invasion took place last fall. They have been in your walls over the winter and are now moving into your living space because it is warm and they think it is spring.  The vacuum cleaner is your best pest control tool.  See Q851 below.
Q857   Do you have any web pages on cons of pesticide use? ONLY CONS NOT PROS PLEASE! Jimareylie .  New Britain
We believe that any opinions about the use of pesticides should be based on factual scientific evidence.  We are not experts but  strive to provide some basic information about both the pros and cons of pesticides gathered from reliable sources and provide links to sources that have information of interest to average consumers. We do not promote the use of pesticides.  If pesticides are used, we encourage those who use them to read and follow label instructions or employ a trained and certified applicator.  If you read many of the answers on these Q & A pages, you will see we discourage the use of pesticides for many of the problems. 
Q856.  How do I stop spiders from entering my home?   Laura.
The food source for spiders is insects. Spiders and insects like high humidity or damp environments.  Try to eliminate both.  If you have a basement use your vacuum cleaner with a long wand to remove spider webs and clean areas where there may be eggs.
Q855  Do rats hate the smell of moth balls?  Kelly.  Dallas.
Rats have very sensitive noses, and the can live in some very smelly places. They probably don't like the vapors given off by mothballs, but if there is a food source for them in the area, the moth balls won't keep rats away.
Q854  Where can one have bat guano tested to see if the spores that spread histoplasmosis are present?  Grace. Ottawa, Ontario
The Ottawa city health department may have a laboratory, or can guide you to a university or private lab. 
Q853  I work for a company that imports various pieces of furniture from around the globe. Recently we came across a few beautifully made cabinets from Indonesia that we just had to have, but upon inspecting these after delivery to the states we found what we have come to suspect to be evidence of a powder post beetle infection at one time or another. Now, we are located in Pennsylvania and this winter has been (as most Pennsylvania winters are) an especially harsh one, with temperatures well below the freezing point. My question then, is it possible that the prolonged contact with freezing temperatures (of a month's time or longer) has killed-off any remaining larva that may be present in these pieces? I can't find any resources that point to the temperature tolerance of these or any such pests, and I am hoping for the easy solution here, as replacing any of the wood on these cabinets is not an alternative for us. We can't sell bug-infested furniture, please help!  Russ Mason
Exposure for a week or longer in temperatures below freezing should kill the larva.  Clemson University has some good information on this web page:
Q852  I have been having black insects about an inch long with yellow stripes around there bodies and they have wings. They put me in mind of a fly somewhat but there longer. I've found them inside my house. Thank you.  Deobrah.  Beatrice, Nebraska
Your description sounds like yellowjacket wasps. They may be overwintering queens that spent the winter in a nest in the walls of your home and are now emerging into what they think is a spring climate.  There should not be too many of them and they won't be there long. When they land on a window, a fly swatter is your best pest control.   No need to use pesticides. 
Q851  I need help! We have a huge amount of stinky lady bugs taking over our house. We have a baby who has started crawling and there are so many stinky lady bugs I am constantly on patrol. My questions: What can I use that is environmentally safe to get rid of them? We also have a well and a small dog, my concern is that spraying the outside of the house with a pesticide could be dangerous. We live on a lake and have about 45 trees on our acre lot. Please help me. Does spraying garlic around the outside of your house work? We also have found a brown beetle like bug that kinda resembles a cicada (sp) somehow they have found there way in to the house. Yikes. Any help you can give would be much appreciated.  Trevor, Wisconsin
I am infested by lady bugs and cannot stand it anymore. How do I get rid of lady bugs? Susie. Port Hope Ontario
The lady bugs spent the winter in the walls of your home and, like the wasps in the question above and the cluster flies in the question below, they want to leave and start a new life cycle.  They sense the warmth of the living quarters and enter thinking it is spring. There is little you can do about them at this time of year except vacuum them up.  Before they enter again next fall, try to seal up all the cracks and crevices around the exterior of your home. There is more information on our Ladybug page.

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Q850  We have flies in the house almost all year long now that is getting warm they start to appear we had pest specialist come to our house to treat the problem but it only work for a week, please help.  Rolando.  Gatineau, Quebec
They are probably cluster flies that have spent the winter in walls, the attic or other cavities of you home.  If they are in the attic, a professional could fog it and get rid of most of them. If they are in the walls, they will continue to emerge into your living quarters until it is warm enough for them to go outside to start a new life cycle.  Dr. Bug at Urban Pest Control has some excellent information on his web site.
Q849  There are these tiny white bugs, about the size of a grain of salt, that have infested behind my couch. How can I find out what kind of pest they are, and how I can get rid of them? Thanks.  Kelly.  Seattle, WA.
They could be psocids. (book lice) They like warm moist conditions so they are frequently found in west coast homes in the winter.  They feed on dry foods, starchy items and paper. They do not bite humans.  For more information click on Book Lice on this page.
Q848  How to keep otters and mink from a boat (kept in the water at a marina)  James.  Victoria, B.C.
Otters are a protected fur bearing animal in B.C. so you can't do anything to harm them.  Some boat owners have had success with an electric wire fence using insulated clips on the stanchions to hold it a few inches off the deck or gunwale.  The otters are usually wet and salt water is a pretty good conductor so they get a good jolt but it does not harm them. The other choice is to find a way to physically block them with some kind of wire fencing.  This could be very difficult for the smaller mink.
Q847  how can you get rid of moles safely, when you have dogs?  Diane. Canton, NC
You could probably get good advice from a pest professional that specializes in mole control.  There are traps on the market that claim to be safe but we have not had experience using them so can not endorse any. Have a look at this example:   Choker Loop Mole Trap
   "Easy set up and operation. Safe near children and pets."
Q846  I have a large hive hanging from the roof of a 2 storey house. When is the best time to get rid of the hive and how do I get rid of it or who do I call?  Stephanie.  Smith Falls,  Ontario.
It sounds like a Yellowjacket or Paper wasp nest.  If there are surviving queens in the nest they will leave in spring and the nest will not be inhabited again.  Eventually it will probably get blown down. You could knock it down now (February) with a long pole without much fear of getting stung.
Q845  Is there any electronic device to get rid of mice in a home in Scarborough, Ontario?   Flora
See the answer to #836 below.
Q844  I have recently noticed a flat, brown slow moving bug on the inside of my house. Upon looking under magnification it looks like a shell made of pieces of earth materials. It can retreat inside of itself like a turtle and when out looks like an ant. it drags itself along using six sticky legs. I have seen them on the ceiling as well as the walls. I have mainly seen them in the bathroom and seemed to have shown up when i was replacing the shower pan, walls and tile. Any help would be appreciated.  Ron.   Los Angeles
Q843  What is the best month or season to most effectively fumigate (tent) to exterminate termites?  Tom.  California
Tenting homes for termites is not allowed in Canada, except in rare cases (A heritage home for example). Consult 2 or 3 professionals in your area.  You may also find some good information on the NPMA web site:
Q842  I have a tiny little red insect, resembling an ant but it is not really round, more flat in body type, that is in my basement laundry room. These bugs were in my house when I first purchased it two years ago, but on a different level of the house. The exterminator didn't really confirm for me what exactly it was, but treated them with a bait. Both times they have shown up in February. I have Cedar trees on both sides of my house. Could they be coming from there? Can you recommend an effective treatment, should I have the inside of my walls sprayed? I would really like to identify this bug. Do you know of a website with photo's that I could possibly look up?. Colleen.  Grand Prairie, Alberta.
Experienced professionals use bait to treat pharaoh ants, which are very small and may have a reddish tinge. No insect will be moving in from outside at this time of year (February), especially with the extremely cold weather you have been having in Alberta. Pharaoh ants can be very evasive spreading out through the home if they have been sprayed with an insecticide. Baiting can take weeks or month to be effective. You should probably have a professional return to do a positive identification, and treat accordingly.  Alberta Pest Professionals.
Q841  Is there a pest that gets under your skin, on the carpet and on the floor?
Fleas are known to be carriers of ringworm.  It sounds like you may need some medical advice.
Q840  I have an ant problem in the house, it is February? should they not be dormant. They are black in colour vary in size from small to quite large. They were only in the second storey bathroom. Now have moved downstairs, living room, kitchen, bedrooms.  June.  Brampton, Ontario
Carpenter ants will emerge into a house at this time of year if it is warm enough to make them think it is spring.  There is obviously at least one satellite nest in the walls or ceilings of your home. Don't bother spraying pesticides or trying to poison them.  The ones you see are only an indication of a much larger population that may move or split into multiple nests.  Call a professional while the evidence is noticeable.  He may decide to treat the problem now or wait for warmer weather, but at least he will have some indication where to start. More carpenter ant information.  
Q839  Is a license necessary to apply granular fertilizer and weed control product? In this case do signs need to be posted? Ontario
Some municipalities in Canada have passed bylaws prohibiting the use of pesticides on public and/or private property. Others have considered doing so but rejected the idea when proper scientific evidence was considered. You will have to check with your municipal officials about local bylaws or phone a local landscape professional.
Q838   we are having problems with raccoon and opossums and skunks killing our chickens,, can u tell me what we can do to stop this.. we have been using a live trap and have caught a skunk and a opossums. is there anything we can use like poison or something. ??? thank u for your time..  Sheila.  Ada, Ok.
It is probably against the law to poison wildlife in your state.  It certainly is in Canada.  These animals should be trapped but be sure to check the laws in your area first.  A pest professional will know what procedure is allowed and how to remove the animals.
Q837  Hello,  I have Pharaoh ants in my Store. What would you believe is the best way to eradicate these pests. Thank you
Shawn.  Toronto, Ontario
DO NOT SPRAY THEM with pesticides. This would split up the nests and make them much harder to eradicate. There are some excellent poison baits available but it take some experience to know which ones to use, how to place them and where to look for evidence of nests.  Pharaoh ants treatments can sometimes take months.  Longer if they have scattered around large buildings. More information about pharaoh ants.
Q836  I have a friend who has a pest offence and it works great. I want to know how or where I can order one at. I have a problem with fleas rats and now I am getting the big wood roaches.  Candy.  Livingston, Texas.
Here is what Barb Ogg, an Extension Educator at the University of Nebraska has to say:
"The consensus of researchers who have actually investigated ultrasonic devices is: these products do not effectively repel or eliminate pests from homes. In fact, in the 1980's the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charged several companies with false advertising and required them to make refunds to customers. The advice, "If it seems to good to be true, it probably isn't true" fits here. There are plenty of non-toxic or low toxic methods to keep pests outside, but they take a bit more time and effort than plugging an ineffective device into an electrical outlet."
There is more information available on the University of Nebraska web site.
Q835  Is there any type of a bomb that will get rid of mice and/or squirrels in an attic area?  Carol
NO.  Using a total release aerosol pesticide (bomb) for this purpose would be illegal in Canada, and this is not the proper way to eliminate mice and squirrels. Use traps for the squirrels and traps or poison for the mice. 
Q834  Hi i just wondered if bounce dryer sheets will work to keep mice out of your cupboards? They are leaving nice little pooh poohs behind and its really starting to make me mad. We get them every year in the winter when its cold it really anoys me. What are some things we can do to keep them out of the house every year. Is there some kind of home remedie we can use? Please i need your help. Thank-you.. Tammy. Toronto.
Bounce will not deter mice, in fact I would expect that mice might even use a bounce sheet as nesting material. To prevent mice you would need to find their entry point(s). This can be any opening that is the size of a dime or larger. Any openings found should be blocked up. A quick method of blocking the holes is to stuff them with steel wool and if possible use some expanding foam on them as well. Check all doors and replace any door sweeps as needed. To find the mice that are in the house now a complete top to bottom inspection of the home should be done. Please visit the rodent page on this site for tips on rodent inspections and control. Also visit  for more info on mice.  Stuart Charbonneau, Liphatech, Canada
Q833  When writing up an inspection report for a realtor company how do you determine if powderpost beetles are active or not.  Jeff.  Pa.
If there are live larva in any visible structural wood, very fine sawdust will be visible under the small beetle exit holes in the warmer months of spring and summer.  It would be risky to state on an inspection report the presence or absence of powder post beetles if there is evidence that they were in the building at some time in the past. They could be in unexposed wood.
Q832  We returned from vacation and discovered a mouse party going on in our garage! They have been gorging on the people/pet food stashed down there, as well as running all over the storage room where we hang our out-of-season clothes, etc. I have a pest control company coming (I think we have too many mice to handle on our own), but my question is, what should I do with all the stuff that has mouse poop on it? I've already tossed any food packages that have been opened, but what about say, a pasta box that has not been breached but has droppings on it? Soda cans with droppings? Should I be safe and throw out anything that can't be bleached? Also, what about clothes that have droppings? Dry clean everything? or just vacuum up? Any advice would be appreciated. There is quite a bit of information out there about how to get rid of mice, but very little on dealing with the aftermath! Thanks....  Jennifer.  San Francisco.
DO NOT VACUUM mouse droppings. Spray with bleach and water, then sponge or mop the area. A few dozen mouse feces means there are a few thousand micro droplets of urine everywhere the mice have traveled. Wash to soda cans, launder or dry clean the clothing.  Read about mouse cleanup on our Hantavirus page.
Q831  I have the size of a pencil tip black beetle type bugs that move very slowly and hang out only in my kitchen sink, tried bleach and draino but i cant get rid of them. what are they and what do i do?  Sandi.
Kitchen sinks and the cupboard under them  seem to a popular breeding place for a number of insects. It is difficult to identify a bug that is small,  black and moves slow. If there is something breeding in the drain, it should be treated with a foam cleaner that will expand and eliminate anything at the tops of the pipes. I is more likely they are breeding at the back of or below the counter. Take a specimen to a local professional for identification.
Q830   I have a very sour smell in my kitchen witch comes and goes i had a animal control contractor in there was no smell when he was at my home he seems to think it is a dead mouse , we did have a mouse problem but not anymore i don't know why this odor comes and goes if it is a dead mouse it would be there all the time. I can go in my kitchen and there is no smell after five mins the smell is there it has been suggested it could be a live snake is this possible and if so how can i get rid of this problem. Regards Gary. Niagara Falls, Ontario
I don't think snakes cause odor problems.  Dead mice do. Air currents caused by forced air furnaces, exhaust fans, clothes dryers etc. could cause the odor to be sucked into the kitchen at times.
Q829  During the last 3 months I have noticed that cotton/nylon clothing hanging on the bottom rack in my closet and in my wooden dresser has been "eaten" (not eaten right through - just looks like it's been "worn almost through". This is on new clothing as well. My cat is also having respiratory problems when in the room and clears up when away for a few days. I haven't noticed any evidence of any insect whatsoever, but something is obviously causing the damage. What could it be?  Kim.  Vancouver, B.C.
If you place some insect monitor traps on the floor in the closet and in the dresser you should be able to catch whatever is causing the damage.  Once it is identified, a pest professional will be able to offer suggestions for treatment.  Directory of Vancouver pest professionals
Q828  We have a pair or a family of squirrels nesting in our 6" space between our roof and ceiling. They enter from outside and because it is securely closed off they can't get into the house just yet. They are noisy at times and I'm wondering what we may do to get them to move out. We are feeding the birds and squirrels of course which we will terminate immediately but I would really like to get them to take up residence elsewhere. Any suggestions. Thanks.  Fred.  Morin Heights, Quebec.
Live trapping is the best method to eliminate squirrels, but it can be tricky. There should be a pest professional in your area that can do it for you. Once they are out be sure to block of the entry points. 
Q827  I live in Renton but my question is about a Texas bug called a blister bug. I have not been able to find out anything about it. The name of the bug comes from the fact that when bitten by it, it leaves a nasty blister that is difficult to get healed. The blister pops and then comes back up a few hours later. Can you tell me where I can find information so I can tell my friend how to tend to the after affects of the bite? Jackie.
According to the entomology department at Texas A&M university Blister beetles can cause blisters on skin if they walk on it because of a substance that they produce. This substance is very toxic and a horse can be killed if it ingests 2 or more of these blister beetles. The toxin is still active even after the beetles die. There are more than one species of blister beetles that are striped in Texas. Blister beetles come in many colors including black, gray, yellow, and metallic blue. They can also have a variety of markings especially spots and stripes. Sorry we do not offer medical advice for treatment of bites. There is a good photo and more information on this web site ==>

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Q826  What is the one thing, or several things a homeowner can do to verify a termite infestation in their home that would give a concrete answer one way or the other? Thank you for your professional advise, wonderful site. Katy.   Minnesota
The best way to get a concrete answer is to have a licensed termite control professional do an inspection. If you want to look for evidence yourself check the information on the web sites links on our Termite page.
Q825    In the crawlspace there is sand topped with plastic. The outside is cement blocks. There are sometimes 1 or 2 mouse/mice. There seem to be some kind of rodent in the soil, close to the plastic. The soil is moist, but not wet. I think the only food can come from worms or something like that. The rest of the house is clear, also no sign in the other crawlspace which has a concrete floor.  I therefore think its not rats, could it be voles or bush rats. I suspect they come in under the foundation (estimated 3 feet), sometimes there seem to be looser earth outside?
South BC, so wet soil in winter. (water level and ground level almost equal) with occasional frozen topsoil.  thanks William
Moles may have found their way into your crawlspace.  Have you had a problem with moles in your yard during the summer? They eat worms.
Q824   I have a wild cat that's been hanging around my yard for months. The problem is he's spraying around the outside of the house and it STINKS!! I'm allergic to cats, so I've been sick because of this. I'm going to call animal control, but until they catch him please tell me there's something my husband can spray outside to either get rid of the smell or make the cat go away. PLEASE!! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You.   Cathy.    Lanoka Harbour.
If you spray a cat repellant it may work for a short time but will also make it difficult for the animal control officer to trap it. Trapping is a permanent solution.
Q823  This extremely hot, dry summer has created an epidemic of "stink bugs" in our area. How can I get them out of my house, immediate area? Catherine. Kamloops, BC.
Stink  bugs should be controlled in the summer when they are foraging for food.  They move into cracks and crevices in homes in the fall to overwinter and some of them find their way inside. There is little you can do to control stink bugs at this time of year (February)
Q823  I have noticed over the last few years that in September when it is sunny I have several brown backed winged insects(1/2''long) flying towards the windows in an upstairs bedroom. They have a woody smell, not disagreeable. I am concerned i may have some kind of infestation in my home. This winter for the first time I caught 2 in a downstairs room. They were weak and easy to catch. What are they? I'd appreciate some advice.  Ruth.  Delta BC. 
Termites with wings swarm (leave nests) in late summer in your area.  Carpenter ants with wings will swarm from satellite nests in homes January to May.  They do not fly very well and will usually head for windows trying to get outdoors.  Save some specimens and show them to a pest professional for positive identification.    More Carpenter Ant Info

Use the directory to find a pest professional near you

Q822  What is the difference between a sow bug and a pill bug?
Many people, especially science teachers, like to make a distinction between pill bugs and sow bugs. A pill bug, or roly-poly, is a terrestrial isopod crustacean whose segmented body gives it the ability to curl up into a ball when disturbed. A sow bug is any of several similar looking creatures that lack this ability. In popular usage, however, the names pill bug and sow bug, along with a number of other popular names, are used to refer to any of these tiny segmented crustaceans that are often mistaken for insects. More about pill bugs, sow bugs, centipedes.
Q821  I have a wasp nest somewhere in my house and have not been able to find it. I have a sense it is somewhere between the finished sealing in my basement and the floor joist which I cannot get at, therefore I need to find something that the wasps will carry back to the nest. At this time they are moving very slow.  I fear this spring I may be overwhelmed with them if I cannot kill the nest. If I do not kill the next one I see is there something I can put out that they will carry back to the nest?  What is the best answer to this? Michael
Very few wasps live over winter.  When the queens emerge in spring they will attempt to establish new nests.  Be sure to seal off the entry point they used to enter your home last summer.
Q820  I have a woodpecker pecking holes in my siding on the house, what can I do to prevent further holes by the bird? Is there anything I can put in the holes that they do not like? Thank you! Please answer, it is driving me crazy!!!!!  Jean.  Spillville, IA
The woodpeckers are likely trying to get at insects living under the siding or in the walls.  They can hear carpenter ants chewing wood for example.  A pest professional should be able to determine what is attracting these birds.
Q819  I would like an alternative to Diazinon, to control lawn pests such as the Crane Fly. The alternative product must be safe for children, pets, and birds. Our lawn is located about 40' from a lake, so the product must be stable enough to not leach into the lake. Please advise the product name your recommend. Thank you.  Gordon.  Allyn, Wa.
Many of the "cosmetic" (garden) pesticides have been removed from the market in Canada. Your best advice will come from a good garden shop that should be aware of what products are available in your state.
Q818  I was asked last evening to see if there are any plants that can be planted near doorways, windows, etc. that will stop mice from going into buildings, cottages, etc.   Alice.  Toronto.
There has not been any plant(s) identified that will deter rodents. But there are plants that will attract them. For example fruit or nut plants should be avoided. Also any ground cover plants, such as ivy or low dense shrubs should not be used. Ideally a zone free of vegetation, about two feet wide, around a building should be set-up. Gravel to the depth of four inches should be used or for nicer aesthetics river stone can be used. Then the next 10 to 15 feet (if possible) should be mostly cut grass with no continuous hedges or cover that rodents could use as safe runways. Rodents are always on the lookout for predators and do not like open areas where predators will spot them. For more info on rodents please see the rodent page on this site or visit .   Stuart Charbonneau, Liphatech, Canada
Q817  Outdoor insect or bug which comes inside. Continues to come in winter. House does not have basement or foundation. Back - dark brown or black with yellow inverted V's. Underside rusty red with black streak in middle. Six legs. Antenna. In late summer it swarms up side of house. Can you identify and also suggest way to get rid of it.  Peigi.  Collingwood, Ontario
Q816  Good morning. I believe I may have a problem with powder post beetles. What can I do to prevent them in my home? Is there something I can mix from normal household products like epson salt or boric acid? Please help. Thank you. LaVonne.  California
Applying an effective product properly is very time consuming so it is better to purchase something formulated specifically for this type of problem.  Tim-Bor is a dry powder that is mixed with hot water then sprayed on the the infested wood.  In Canada Tim-Bor can only be sold to certified pesticide applicators and it is quite expensive.  There are others that may be just as effective if applied by someone with experience.
Q815  I've recently purchased beautiful (amish made) Rustic Red Cedar bedroom outfit. While we love this, we have been finding a beetle of some sort, maybe not at beetle, but obviously a bug. Its a black bug with two orange dots. While it is a cute kinda bug, we are wondering if there is some kind of infestation in the bedroom outfit? We've found around 7 of them so far in the past 4 months. What is going on ?? I'm going to speak with the Amish who we purchased this from and see what this could be. Could they leave the furniture and start a new home in our bedroom ?? Please advise...Thx   Danny.  Jackson, Michigan
You should inspect the furniture very closely looking for traces of very fine sawdust and holes smaller than a round toothpick. Take the drawers out to look at the inside unfinished surfaces.  You should also take a sample of the insect to a local professional for identification. Wood boring beetles will not lay eggs on a painted, or finished wood surface so it is unlikely they will migrate into other wood in your home unless it is unfinished. 
Q814  We are having a problem with our neighbours. Actually, they have a lot of rats in their house. Since, we live in a semidetached home. They start coming to our home. Please guide me what exactly we can do to stop this. Is there any place where we can complaint about it? Actually, my neighbours are really lazy and they will not do anything from their part. Please help me!  Raj.  Mississauga
The public health department in most  municipalities can force residents to clean up garbage and refuse that is attracting rodents.
Q813  Hello,  I'm almost 100% sure that there's a bees nest in my chimney. I cocked up the cracks and sprayed to ensure they get killed before more can come into my house.  But what can I do to make sure they are gone forever and don't come back during the summer or warmer weather???  Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks so much,  Melanie.  Toronto
There is an expansion gap between the chimney liner and the brick.  Bees often nest in this cavity and will return year after year if they can get in.
Caulking shrinks and cracks so you should check it again in the early spring. 
Q812  I have pigeons problem on my balcony. I have a high rubbermaid container for storage and they make their home on top of it. I have pigeon droppings everywhere on my balcony and on top of my storage. I tried to close the opening as best as I can but they get through my neighbor's balcony and camp on my storage bin. What can I do to get rid of them?  Susie.  Ottawa, Ontario
The best solution for bird control is netting. Some pest professionals specialize in installing an almost invisible net that will prevent entry to your balcony.
Q811  We are remodeling our living room, and we have mice coming from the open area around our floor. no matter how many traps we set (snap or glue) we can't seem to stop the problem. we are ready to put our baseboard on, but i am concerned about them living in the walls and chewing wires. What can i do to get rid of them without stinking up my house? (as when you use rat poisoning and they die in unreachable places?) Kali
You are right in not wanting to seal the mice in the walls. So don’t close it up until the infestation is under control. First you should do a top to bottom inspection of the home to find where the mice are living and where they are feeding. Once these areas have been identified set up your traps and try to reduce their food source(s). Unfortunately, if the population of mice is too high snap traps may not be enough. You could try some multi-catch traps or you may need to use some poison to bring the population down. If the population is high you may be better served calling in a professional. For more info please see the rodent page on this site or visit .
Stuart Charbonneau, Liphatech, Canada

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Q810  No professional exterminators have been able to eradicate bedbugs that my daughter brought home from Europe over a year ago. Do you know if they die below a certain temperature? Have you heard of tenting to get rid of them? We are desperate!!!
Thank you for answering. Beth,  Boston.
Bed bugs are a real challenge for pest professionals and in Canada there are few products available for treatment.  Re-treatment is often necessary and can be quite time consuming if the inspection is done properly. There are links to good information on the bed bug page
Q809  I don't really have a pest control question i just have a general question about snakes i have been searching the net trying to find out what are the bylaws or laws of snakes in Oshawa such as what size or what kind or if they are even allowed in Oshawa, Ontario could you please tell me if you know thank you in advance...Trevor
There are many laws about exotic pets in some municipalities.  Phone city hall for the by-laws in your area.
Q 808  i have these little black bugs that look like little mouse turds, an they move, they were in my laundry basket, an i noticed that my quilt was eaten on the ends, the whole quilt has been eaten on the edges, please tell me what they are. thank you, for your help.  Russell. Duval, Wa.
You may have carpet beetles in your home. The larva can cause serious damage to natural fibers.  Read about them on the carpet beetle page.
Q807  I have moths in my front closet. I have washed everything that can be washed. I am cleaning many of the other garments. I put hats and garden gloves etc outside in below 0 temps. I am spraying and disinfecting. Will the temp destroy eggs and larvae? Do I need to spray the items outside when I bring them in?  Sandra.  Collingwood.
Below freezing temperatures for a few days should kill the eggs and larva.
Q806   how do you produce a noise that will annoy a dog enough so his owner has to do something about his continual barking.  Oliver, Miami
The best noise you could make is the phone ringing in your local city hall.  Most municipalities have a noise bylaw and an animal control officer.
Q805  I have a multi-res property which has a problem with Pharaoh Ants. I have had them treated for just over a year, and they stopped showing up for a while. Now lately they are back again. The main problem that I have noticed is that the baits, (sugar and protein) do not work well. I have spent time an actually sat and watched as ants just walked by these baits. Is there anything else that would be useful for these ants? Also would "fumigation" be any good in getting rid of these ants?  Tom.  Kitchener , Ontario.
If the pharaoh ants have ever been sprayed with an insecticide they have probably split up their nests and spread throughout the building. Baits are the only effective treatment for these pests, but it can take weeks or months of regular treatment and often requires using different types of baits.
Fumigation is not a solution.
Q804  I found several tennis ball size spheres attached to wood joists in my attic. They are grayish white, solid with some 5mm diameter holes in it. When squeezed, they crumble into powder. It is uninhibited now. Are they some kind of nest? Thanks for answer.  Raymond.
These are probably paper wasps or yellowjacket wasp nests. They may contain overwintering queens. You can safely remove them in the winter.
Q 803  Please can someone advise how to get rid of mouse urine and feces smell out of the cupboard where they made a nest. We have set down traps and caught a few mice but the smell is bothering me more that the mice. Please help. it is becoming embarrassing. thank you
Vanessa.  South Africa.
You should first determine how the mice are getting into the cupboard and block it off.  Also remove any food source. The best solution to disinfect and clean the area is one part household bleach mixed with ten parts water.
Q 802  How can we stop raccoons from pulling up new sod and eating the roots? We have tried wire mesh weighted down, but they crawl under it anyway.  Wendy.  Vancouver.
Raccoons roll or pull up freshly laid sod in search of worms and grubs. Usually, the most practical alternative is to remove the raccoons.  Cage or boxtraps are generally the most practical removal devices.
Q 801  why shold we look after bats?  why shold they be a protected speces?  why shold we try to conserve and protect their habitat
Martin.  Belfast.
I sounds like you are doing  an important school project Martin. Here is some information that may help. Bats are beneficial and gentle creatures but occasionally they become a nuisance and get "too close for comfort". If this occurs, DON'T PANIC! All the negative stories and tales you've heard about bats are greatly exaggerated.  Read all about these flying mammals on our Bat page.
Hi i just wanted to comment on the bats. You should have some bat boxes built and put in trees outside your home. Bats are very good creatures they eat a lot of mosquito's which carry west Niles so they are good for our environment. They help keep the mosquito population down. So you might not want to get rid of the bats. Just live trap them if they are in the house but not outside around your house.
Tammy.   Toronto
Q 800  We have recently moved into a new townhouse. Unfortunately, 4 out of 6 of us in this row of townhomes have realized that we have a problem with Carpenter Ants. Who is liable for this? Should the builder or the new home warranty program be liable? Could this be a legal case?
Liane.  Ottawa, Ontario
Sorry we do not give legal advice. A number of facts will have to be considered. How old is the building?  How long was it under construction? Was there rain during construction that may have resulted in wet areas that were not allowed to dry before being closed in? Was the building site properly cleared of stumps, roots and other wood or was some of it buried? If ant activity was noticed during construction was a professional called or did someone try to solve the problem with a typical insecticide spray?  Do new municipal bylaws prohibit the use of pesticides in multiple dwelling structures? Was the building "pre-treated" by a professional to discourage insect problems? 

It is strongly recommended that all 4 owners agree to have one professional treat all the units and inspect the other 2. If one owner decides to treat the carpenter ant problem himself, it is likely the ants will eventually be back in all the units.  Get estimates from 2 or 3 professionals in the Ottawa area.  Directory of Ontario Pest Management Professionals.

Q 799  Well we started with mice in the house and after catching 14 of them we have not seen one in over a week. But for the past 6 nights I here very loud scratching noises in my ceiling of my upstairs bed room. I have a peek roof and the top peek is almost impossible to get to. I have been guessing a roof rat? Also the noise is mostly about 4:30 to about 6:00 a.m.. Please help I am losing a lot of sleep as it is my bedroom.
Sue.  Victoria.
Mice can be quite loud at times, especially in the quiet hours of the night. It it is a rat, any mice in the same area will leave.  Rodents often follow plumbing through the various levels of a home after entering the basement or crawlspace.  Try eliminating them by using bait or traps at the lowest level.  They can not stay in the attic without food and water.  Pest Professionals in Victoria.
Q 798  Is there a safe or natural way to rid a Canadian pine log home of powder post beetles or old house bores? 
Shannon.  Douglasville, Georgia.
Fortunately it would take many, many years for these beetles (larva) to cause serious structural damage to a log home. The appearance of small holes with fine sawdust coming out of them can be a big concern for owners.  Log home seem to have more problems with insects than conventional construction.   We have found a web site that every log home owner should use as a reference for everything you need to know about restoration, maintenance and protection.   This is an excellent web site.
Q 797  I live in a 1930's converted warehouse with the original cement floors beneath a raised wood floor. 4 years ago, the whole floor had to be removed, cleaned, and replaced because of rat infestation. I also had someone patch any holes around the exterior of the bldg.
There is a particular odour that I am now detecting again. I can't imagine having to remove the floor again - and then they return. I was wondering how effective the electronic pest control devises are with rats and very important, are there any side-effects to humans and dogs. They, of course, claim on their advertising there is none. I would be more inclined to believe private studies. Thanks. Any thoughts on how to solve this would be much appreciated.  Mary.  Gibson's Landing. B.C.
The worst side effect of electronic pest devices is: The consumer has to spend money to find out they don't work.  The ultrasonic sound they emit is like a wide beam of light.  It only has a short term deterrent effect if the rodent is directly in the beam of sound. They soon get used to it and find other routes to move around a building. Try to locate any new entry points to the space below your floor.  Use traps near the entry points. If you use poison they may go inside and die.  There is no easy solution to the existing odor problem other than trying to ventilate the area with forced air. (fans)
You may be able to remove it with a very long vacuum hose attached to a shop vac.  (Put the shop vac outside and run the hose through a window.   You could call a commercial furnace vent cleaning service.
Q 795  Hi. My family lives in the Seattle area. A few years ago we had a problem with carpenter ants. We hired a exterminator but they have returned. I am seeing small black ants and winged ones entering thought cracks in the walls. The cracks are located near the ceiling by our florescent lights. These lights are located in the kitchen. Although it is winter we are having about 10-30 a day coming through. The majority are the winged buggers. I am wondering if we have a full-fledged nest here. We have firewood stacked up about 50 feet from the kitchen. It has been there for 4 and a half years. Could this be the source? We have also seen them at ground level beneath our deck. No wings down there. Do I have have more then 1 nest? Are the ants in my house a nest or a colony? Should i get rid of the firewood? Is this a problem i can handle alone or should i get professional help? Any advice would be greatly helpful!   Marc. Seattle, Washington.
The only ants likely to be seen in the Seattle area at this time of year (January) are carpenter ants. The small winged ones will be male reproductives (photo) that have been pushed out of a satellite nest by workers. The ceiling area above and near the lights will be warm, tricking the ants into thinking winter is over and it is time to begin the reproductive cycle.  During the next few warm weather days you may see some larger winged females emerge.  These are reproductive future queens. Winged ants indicate the nest has probably been in the ceiling for at least 3 years. Carpenter ants usually start satellite nests in a home close to ground level, then make new ones in the walls above and eventually the ceiling.  You probably have more than one nest.  The firewood may be the location of the mother nest but more likely it is located in a tree stump or roots underground where the queen(s) will not freeze. The emerging males will starve to death outside of the nest in a few days.  They do not know how to feed themselves. Spraying pesticides on any ants outside the nest will not do any good.  It will just destroy the symptoms of the larger problem and make it more difficult to locate the nests.   If you read every piece of carpenter ant information written by entomologists, you will arrive at the conclusion that you should let a professional deal with this pest.  There are links to good information on our carpenter ant pages.
Q 794  You didn't mention in your articles what bat urine/droppings smell like.  My attic has a strong odor of "cabbage cooking".  Could this be bats?  It seems to be near a wall that has a forced hot air vent in it.     Thanks,  Beverly.
Most experts describe the odor as musty and alkaline but some bats produce smells like food.  Read about them on this unusual web page.
Q 793. 
I found your very excellent website by asking Congratulations on a wonderful and informative site. Our home is in a rural area just outside Winnipeg. We have a 4000 square foot ranch bungalow with a totally finished basement. At two locations within the home we have intermittent chirping sounds which to me sound like a cricket or similar type of bug. It sounds like they are between the walls without any direct access. Last week we found a dead house mouse on the floor in our lower level office.
As far as I know mice should make squeaking or gnawing sounds of which we have heard neither at any time. There is no evidence of any damage visible anywhere.  Removing the ceiling panels shows evidence of droppings scattered about, not a great amount. I do not know if this was a previous pest problem as we are the third owners. My neighbor is convinced we have further mice.
1) Is it possible we only had one mouse or is there always more than one present. 
2) Do mice make this chirping sound or can it only be a beetle or cricket. 
3) If we move into the living room or main bathroom area the chirp like sounds stop until they are comfortable again. 
We can live with this minor noise which is at best a nuisance. My big concern is it more mice and can they communicate this way. 
Any light you may be able to shed on this is much appreciated. Thank you in advance.  The Bailie's. Manitoba
I think you have crickets.  Mice don't chirp. They squeak or squeal. It is obvious you also have or had a mouse problem. Unless the cat brought the dead one inside, there are likely others living in your home.  You have nothing to loose doing some mice control. Have a look at our rodent page.    Thanks for the compliments on the web site.
Q 792  I recently started noticing these white/greyish bugs that resemble oblong balls of lint on my carpet. They also look like a price tag or sticker residue when you try to remove it by rolling it with your finger. They range in size, from as little as 2mm to a piece of rice. When I look closer at it, I can see it slowly moving and when I've picked one up, a small brown worm like head comes out. Please help me!!
Sharon.  Burnaby, B.C.
This sounds like the larva of a Casemaking clothes moth.  Read about them on this page.  Check the carpet and stored clothing for damage.
Q 791  We moved into an apartment 6 months ago and discovered cockroaches shortly after. Now we are moving out of the apartment to a condo. We had the apartment professionally treated and haven't seen any cockroaches for 2 months. However, how do I make sure that I don't take them to the new condo? I heard that that freezing temperatures will kill them but I've had different suggestions from 24 hours to 1 week at below 0 temperatures in order to kill them. What amount of time is sufficient? They are Asian Cockroaches.
Thank you for your help.  Sean.  Montreal, Quebec.
There are many stories about the cockroaches ability to survive almost anything including a nuclear war, but some experts say temperatures well below freezing for a week will kill them .
Q 790  i have recently moved into a rental home in Toronto and have found there to be a mouse problem, they are very small and brown. my cat has captured 2 of them and pretty much destroyed them, my question is if the cat can catch anything from them as she has developed a sneeze since they showed up, and what is the best way to get rid of the mice without harming the cat?  Michele.  Toronto.
Mice carry fleas and other parasites but most cats don't seem to get sick from catching them.  Try to eliminate the food source that is attracting the mice and block off the entry points.   See the rodent page for more tips.
Q 789  I have pigeons in the closed in rafters of my home. How do I get them out before I put a new screen on and block the hole? The owner of the house had someone come out and he blocked the hole. One pigeon was out and one locked in. You can imagine the noise this caused. The man came back and left a part of the screen open but from the noise I know one is still locked in there and the one on the outside is also going nuts. What can be done? Thank you for any help you can offer. Pat. Vancouver. BC.
You may be able to make a one way door that the pigeon can push open to escape but not be able to re-enter. You could also hire a professional to place a live trap in the attic and remove it.  There are many pest professionals that do bird control in the Vancouver area.  Directory of Vancouver pest professionals.
Q 788  We live on a bluff property that has undeveloped land on the slopes. I have noticed two rodents in the last 2 days around our house and on our property. They have long rate like tails, are dark brown with rounded ears that stick up and their bodies are quite compact, softball size. At first I thought they were rats, but I have seen rats in the area and they are grey with longer, more slender bodies. Is this some other type of rodent - or are they rats (I hope not). Signed, Wishful thinking. Kathy. Tsawwassen, BC.
They could be mink coming up from the beach. You certainly don't want them getting under your home if this is possible. The good news is they will probably keep rats away. If they become a problem they can be trapped, otherwise just leave them alone.
Q 787  I have a two year old newly constructed house with brick exterior and an unfinished basement. I am finding, on average, 1 wasp or hornet either dead or dying every day since December. I cannot locate a nest anywhere in the basement but it is very hard to see under all the ducting and pipes or behind the plastic insulation that covers the exposed above ground portion of the basement. Any suggestions? Will they die off on their own or is this something that I need to deal with now using a professional?  Jim.  Scarborough.
See the answer to Q 776 below.
Q 786  I have something trapped in a wall mouse, chipmunk?  Not sure how to get it out.  It must have gotten in from the attic. because it is a enter wall Not sure where it came in I will need to look. But it sounds like it fell to the bottom of the inner wall and can't get out. if it dies how do i get it out, so it doesn't become a problem. .Please help.  Steve
You will probably have to cut a hole in the wall.  I have managed to fish them out by going into the attic and dropping a rat glue board down the cavity, tied to a piece of string. This solution is possible if there are dropped ceilings in the home.
Q 785  I have found some black bugs in a seafood dish called Gumbo. The dish contains lots of lobster, crabs etc. The bugs resemble large fleas, what are these bugs and are they dangerous to humans if accidentally consumed? Cheryl J.  Oakland
Sand fleas. Whoever made the gumbo was not very careful cleaning the seafood before it was cooked. I would not eat it!
Q 784  What bugs eat drywall leaving a thin powdery residue?  Vicki K.
Carpenter ants and some wood boring beetles may burrow through damp drywall after leaving a piece of wood but no insects would eat gypsum.
Q 783  How can I get rid of the brown stink bugs. They are triangle in shape and brown and let off a nasty smell when you bug them.
Michael.  Bethlehem
These bugs should be controlled as they feed on plants in the summer.  They will often gather on exterior walls of homes in the fall and some of them may enter wall cavities through small cracks or openings around window and door frames.
Q 782  i found a ball of dust under my stove with small bugs crawling in the dust ball. the body was small, oval, tannnish body with lines on it, black head. no wings, or antennae. i don't know if it is maybe beetles or roaches? at first i thought it would be maggots, but i know that is not likely since i saw pictures of them. Jen.  North Brunswick
They might be the larva of a grain beetle or Indian meal moth. Take some to a local professional for identification.  Check all your dry stored foods for more evidence.
The information on our Clothes Moth page should be of help.
Q 780  Hi my building is infested with silver fish especially my apt. Can you please tell me what I should do. Does this automatically terminate my lease or can i break my lease without paying any penalty or extra money. Because I have become a nervous wreck since they crawl everywhere and can eat paper and clothes and get into all kinds of holes. My health is getting infected, i can't sleep at night. Can you please tell me if I could just get out of this apt. and move to a new one. I did complain to my landlord once about the silver fish but no action was taken. They seem to be multiplying and getting bigger day by day. Please tell me who to contact and what to do. Does pests break the tenant protection act.
Rafia.  Etobicoke, Ontario.
Sorry we don't give legal advice. Contact the local health department. They should be able to put you in contact with municipal or provincial rent control authorities. The landlord should call a professional to deal with the silverfish.
They will not stay there if it gets too hot. If the car is parked for long periods, you could place some proper bait stations under it to wipe out the current mouse population.
Q 778  We have termite infestation. Tenting has been advised. However I am concerned about environmental hazards as we have a 2 year old child and a pregnant woman in the house. Should I be concerned, and what alternative measures would you recommend?
Thank you. Sharon.  Tarzana, California
Tenting for termites is not allowed for residential structures in Canada, except by special permit for specific situations such as a heritage home.
Few Canadian professionals have experience in tenting.  You should contact 2 or 3 pest local professionals who specialize in termite treatment before making a decision. Ask about alternatives to tenting.
Q 777 My 17 year old, pregnant daughter is being bitten by ticks. It is almost impossible to remove them with tweezers. Is there another method or product to use without harming her unborn child? P.S. Her midwife doesn't have a clue on how to help. Rose.  Portland.
Ticks don't usually live inside homes.  People usually pick them up when they contact vegetation outdoors. It is possible that pets or rodents are carrying them indoors. Ticks can cause some serious illnesses.  Talk to a Doctor.
Q 776   It is December and I have yellow jackets showing up in my house, about one a day. Outside my bedroom window, on the porch roof I can see about 50 dead, or frozen wasps laying on the shingles. I think there must be a nest near this location and they might be coming inside through a small opening in the wall (window or heating duck?). My question is, how can I get rid of these insects this time of year when they are supposed to be dormant? My 2 year old has already been stung once.  Thank you for your time.  Shannon.   Port Dover, Ontario
Having yellow jacket wasps at this time of the year is quite unusual. The general expectation with these wasps is that colonies die out in winter, with newly emerging queens going into hibernation until next spring. Keeping in mind that there are a number of different species with the general descriptor "yellow jackets" - being of the same genus, there may be variations on this. I have seen huge nests in attics that just seem too large to have been the result of one season. If you are finding the odd live one at windows inside, this may mean that some individuals are finding their way through small openings in rooms and at seeing daylight, they fly to the light, and end up exhausting themselves and dying at windows. Inspect the room very carefully - wasps will come through the small defects in a ceiling where a light fixture is attached, or other points from which they can see light. The worse thing people sometimes do is to caulk an opening at exterior from which the wasps are emerging,, thereby forcing them to find other ways to daylight.
If the problem continues, it is best to get a professional firm to investigate. Firms with a good reputation will not charge you for a telephone consultation, and the really good ones will come out to see what they can do when staff are in the neighbourhood and charge you only when they can offer a real solution. If you can wait it out and try to seal the interior rooms - hopefully the frost will kill them first.
With warmer climate in Ontario now over the past 20 years, wasp problems may get worse... and like the case of bedbugs, professionals will need to upgrade their knowledge of different species of the Vespids.          Sam.
Q 775  Who is responsible for introducing the Asian Lady Bug to Canada. I thought that governments would have got wise after introducing the killer bees in South America. Surely introducing these pests was an accident and not the product of so called wisdom. 
Tom.  Muskoka, Ontario
The multicolored Asian lady beetle is a native of eastern Asia. These insects were released in California by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 1916 and in 1964 -1965 for biological control of pecan aphids. They were also released in the late 1970's and early 1980's in Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Washington. However, the lady beetles did not appear to become established from these releases. In 1988 a population of multicolored Asian beetles was found in Louisiana, apparently the result of an accidental introduction from a freighter in New Orleans. These lady beetles spread quickly throughout the southern and eastern United States. No one knows whether their presence today is due to deliberate releases, accidental introductions, or both. I do not think these beetles were ever intentionally released in Canada they moved in from nearby areas. They were first sighted in Minnesota in 1995. The first report of major infestations around buildings occurred in 1998, and by 2000 the insect had generally dispersed throughout a large area. The multicolored Asian lady beetle, has become very troublesome as they cluster around buildings in large numbers during fall searching for protected sites to overwinter. 
Q 774  I have a weasel or mink in my house and don't know how to get rid of it? Should I be worried about small children? 
Gisele.  Sudbury, Ontario.
Mink can be nasty little animals. You should call a professional animal control service or trapper to get rid of it.
Q 773.  My pest control professional went to my house 5 times already and he is giving up. Since October i have fleas in my house. He was able to get rid of all the fleas in the first floor but not the basement. My basement floor is concrete, said no idea how could i still have fleas. My cat is long gone (October). He used heavy chemicals. I'm starting to loose my mind... What can i do??? Your response will be very helpful. Thank you. Carmen. Leavenworth, Kansas
Retreatment for fleas is usually needed when pets are not treated.  For a number of years most professionals spray a mixture of adult flea insecticide and an insect growth regulator to take care of the eggs and larva. Insecticides have little or no effect on the pupae stage, but adults that hatch from this stage will die quickly if a residual adult insecticide was used.  Ask the professional exactly what products were used.  If the treatment was done properly then it is likely that some animal (or human) is bringing new fleas into the home. Rodents carry fleas.
More flea information.
Q 772  For three years now we have been bothered by BOX ELDERS not just inside the house but out side in the yard.  An then it seems that we have the LADY BUGS that seems to live with them also. Would appreciate answer back on this if you can! Is there any thing in this world we can do about them? We have been praying to OUR HEAVENLY FATHER FOR THREE YEARS NOW BUT THEY STILL KEEPING COMING BACK! Not any one else in this neighbor hood has trouble with them. The color of our house is PALE BLUE an I would like to know if  that attracts them? We do have a Maple Tree in the driveway. But this year I have seen them living in the pine trees eating the sap too. I've talked to Bug Control here in Hillsboro an he said get rid of the maple tree but others have maple trees an they are not in their yard?   Thank You for taking the time to read my questions..    Beverly.   Oregon.
Box Elder and Ladybugs both like to overwinter in the wall cavities of homes. You could have the tree sprayed by a professional in the summer to control the maple bugs.  Spends some time sealing up all the cracks and crevices where these insects can gain entry to the wall cavities.
Q771  My pest problem was identified as swarming termites, and I was given a quote by a professional. My limited finances oblige me to seek advice on how I might safely and effectively remedy it myself. These critters have come up probably through a crack in the concrete slab floor where garage joins the house. Phyll.  Parksville, BC.
You may save money now by attempting to eliminate your termites yourself but if you are not successful it could cost you a considerable sum in repairs or lost value in your home later.  Because termites problems can be extremely difficult to eliminate, many professionals in the U.S. do not offer this service. Many states require a separate licence for termite service. This is not a "do it yourself" project.  If the cost of service seems high, you have to consider it an investment in your home, which under normal conditions should increase in value.  It will probably cost less than major repairs to your car which will still decrease in value. I suggest you get at least 2 estimates, but remember, the lowest estimate might not be your best choice.  Read as much as you can about termites so you can ask a professional the right questions.  Termite page.     Pest professionals in your area:  Vancouver Island.
Q770  I am suffering with house flies that constantly appear in the office. I keep cleaning the garbage cans, and don't leave any food inside the office, but still flies keep coming and stays the most warm area - window side of the office. What is the most effective to eliminate flies? Nobuko.  St. Catherines, Ont.
You probably have cluster flies. They have moved into the cavities of the building for the winter and emerge inside on warm days. 
Q769   I would like to know where, in Calgary, I can purchase quantities of beneficial insects, such as soldier bugs, and ladybird beetles.  Thank you for your input.  Rob .  Calgary, Alberta
A good local garden shop may be aware of a local supplier.
Q768  We are about to move into a new home out of an apartment building that was just fumigated for cockroaches; what are some of the precautions we should take to make sure we don't bring theses little pests with us?  Erin.  Fort McMurray, Alberta
Cardboard cartons provide Cockroaches an ideal place to hide. Fridges, stoves, toasters and other appliances should be thoroughly cleaned before moving them inside your new home. Cockroaches are usually related to poor hygiene. 
Q767  I recently moved to a newly renovated basement apt. have noticed in the light fixtures nests of black bugs I washed out the fixtures. But they reappeared again I'm desperate!!!  Debbie.  Toronto, Ontario
Before you do anything, the bugs must be identified.  See the answer to question 766 below.  If they are sow bugs, have a look at this page.
Q766  Located throughout our house there are house miniscule worms approximately 3 to 5 mm in length, and are either black with a smooth shiny skin or brown with what appears to be a segmented skin covering. Although they both move slowly, the black worms seem to move faster and will try to slide underneath baseboards to avoid being squashed. The brown worms, however, will sometimes curl into a circle or try to slide away. The brown worms have also been found underneath throw mats and inside rubbermaid  toy storage containers.  Their numbers are never high..... up to five when  cleaning.  The black worms usually found come out of the baseboard along the interior wall in the washroom. The worms appear throughout the year and the time of day does not matter. They worms never change in their appearance, so we don't know if they are larvae of certain insects. We've tried disinfecting the place, the floors and walls, but it does not stop them from re-appearing. Please help!  Susan, Kitchener, Ontario
First you have to identify this pest.  Have a look at pictures on our Stored food pests page and the "What is this pest" page. If you still can't identify your worms, take some samples to a local pest professional. They should be able to tell you what it is and suggest proper treatment.  Your other option is to have a professional come to your home and get rid of the problem.  Ontario pest professionals directory.
Q765  I live in a high-rise that is infested with cockroaches. Unfortunately I cannot break my current lease but I would like to know for reference when I do start to hunt for a new apartment if the landlord is required by law to tell any prospective tenants if there is a roach problem in the building. I would also like to know how any records regarding previous complaints involving that building can be retrieved.  Diana.  Toronto.
Sorry. We can not offer you any legal advice, but your local health department may be able to force the landlord to deal with the cockroaches in your current residence.  Landlord/tenant regulations are different in every province.  I believe you have the right to know if pesticides have been used in any apartment building you are considering as a new residence.  Check with the Ontario Ministry of Environment, Pesticide regulations branch.
By way of information, in Ontario the issue of cockroaches is now handled by Municipal Property Standards and not health departments. In Toronto, you should get in touch with City Property Standards. They may send a Property Standards Officer (Inspector) and they can order the landlord to take corrective actions. I recently heard that the city is considering publishing reports of conditions in different buildings for information to the general public.    Annonymous.
Q 764  My question is how do we get rid of farrow ants they are very bother some and are all over everything walls counters bed clothes. this is a big problem in the complex where I live and we want to get rid of them. Crystal.  Surrey, B.C.
Pharaoh Ants can be extremely difficult to eliminate, especially in multiple family dwellings. It is a slow and meticulous process that should be done by someone with experience. In most cases, by the time a professional is called, the owners have sprayed pesticides, resulting in the nests splitting and spreading to other parts of the building.   Our best advice: call a professional and be sure they are trained in pharaoh ant control. Read more about Pharaoh Ants on this page.
Q 763  First let me say thank you for this great web site.  There is no other web site in the internet as informative in a general way about pests. Whoever you are, you are doing a commendable job. My problem is how do I feed the birds in the winter without attracting rodents?  Charles.  Saskatoon, Sask.
Thank you for the compliment Charles.  Try using suet blocks or other solid bird feed; something that won't get scratched out onto the ground below.  Some people have devised a catch system under the bird feeders, like an upside down umbrella.  Bird feed will attract rodents further than half a mile.
Q 762 Someone has suggested washing dogs with tomato juice to get rid of skunk smell.  I think I have shares in Heinz now but I still have a smelly dog.
I am a dog owner and had to deal with this problem various times. It is best to treat the sprayed area a.s.a.p., before the oily spray gets deep into the hair. Spray a clothe with "windex" or andy other oil breaking formul and with the sprayed area as many times as need be. After this wash the animal with a regular animal shampoo to wash off any excess windex.  Your may have to wash 2-3 times but I tried it and it does work. Tomato juice does not! 
Randy.  London, Ontario. 
Q 761 Could some one please inform me on where I would purchase a bat house. I would like one for my brother-in-law at his cabin. I need it for Christmas. Thanks you.   Judy.  Winnipeg, Manitoba
You can remove the nest once the wasps are dormant. Put a plastic bag over it and scrap it off with a long knife. Wasps do not return to an old nest once they have left it.  They may try to enter the attic to build a new one next summer.
Q 759  I recently received an oil painting on wood that is less than 1/4" thick. The painting has holes and dust from what I believe are powder post beetles. My question is how best to eliminate any infestation without harming the painting. Several of the holes go all the way thru and some are only partial. Thanks Gregg.  Seattle, Washington.
You could try painting the back of the painting with a borate solution which is available to consumers in most states. This is a slow acting process but should eventually work on a thin piece of wood. Read more about powder post beetles.
Q 758  Our attic has become a winter home for roof rats. We prefer to deal with this problem without killing the rats. Is there anyway to assure that we've driven them all out, before we try to seal up all their entrances (may have to bronze the house--they are very clever at finding ways to get in.). Thanks. Jill. Mountlake Terrace, Washington.
Remove tree branches and vines that provide an easy route to your attic. Go in the dark attic and look for holes where there is light. Patch all the holes. You can install a one way door over the hole you think is the main entry point.  Trapping the rats make be the best solution but live traps are not effective for rats.
Q 757   Wool Scarves and cashmere sweater in a dresser drawer have holes in them, obviously from some very small bug. I have cleaned all the drawers and had scarves and sweaters dry cleaned. What do I need to do to keep these out of my home?  Mary Ann. Bend, Oregon, USA
If you occasionally have moths in the house that do not fly towards lights, you have clothes moths. You may also have carpet beetles. Inspect the clothing closely with a magnifying glass looking for larva. Check these pages for solutions:  clothes moths;    carpet beetles.
Get yourself a nice piece of cedar that fits into the bottom of your drawer, it's a little expensive , but cheaper than replacing your wool or cashmere sweaters. Gina.  Windsor, Ontario.
(Aromatic cedar is available at many building supply centers.)
Q 756  Dear pest control experts,
Yesterday the pest control guy used Demon EC on our kitchen and family room. In the past he was very careful in not to use liquid pesticides indoors because of our daughter that is 1 year old now. We don't know why he used Demon EC this time (actually he can't even explain his mistake).  I'm really worried about how the toxicity that Demon EC (Cypermethrin?) could affect our daughter. How can I neutralize the pesticide? Is this something I should be worried about?    Thank you,  Laura. Miami, Florida
What was the target pest? You should first contact the owner/manager of the pest control business and ask if the label directions were followed.  I they were and this can be proven, you probably have little to be concerned about   If you do not get a  satisfactory answer, contact the Florida Pest Management Association. (   ) at this e-mail address: .  Hopefully the business you dealt with is a member of a professional association.   If not, you may have to contact the governing officials in your state.
Q 755  I have identified Indian meal moth larvae from your photos. Have not ever noticed any adults/ larvae problem for some months now.  Thought I cleaned my cupboards out well enough, but they're back. Request best method for removal.  Trina. Calgary, Alberta
If you removed all the infected food and thoroughly cleaned the cupboards, you may have imported them again. Be careful where you purchase any dry bulk foods. Sometimes even new packaged food can contain eggs or larva.    Do not store wild bird seed inside your home.  Keep dry foods stored in air tight containers.  If not sure, freeze any suspected food.
Q 754  What ingredients are in microband spray, it's for mold. Vikki.  Ashland, Ohio
Your probably mean "microban".  The active ingredient is "2 Propanol".  It is added to cleaning products used as a disinfectant and to injected plastic items such as tooth brushes to reduce bacteria growth.  For more information see the material safety data sheet at this web site:   
Q 753  How do you get rid of Silver Fish? How do they get into my house? Why are they in my house? I heard that if you have Silver Fish its a sign of having an unclean house, but another source has stated they mean you have a lot of spiders... what myth is true?  Sarah.  Mississauga, Ontario.
Silverfish are not normally considered a food pest although they do consume starch like things. They are often found in libraries and office buildings where they damage books and paper items. They will even eat wallpaper glue. They prefer humid conditions and can live for a year without food.  Spiders may be present because the silverfish are a food source. To eliminate them see our insect page link to silverfish
Q 752  Our pantry was infested by wheat moths and now we have larva crawling all over it. We have thrown away anything that has evidence of them in it. How do we get rid of them if they've spread outside of the food products and are just crawling around? Is there anyway to avoid throwing away everything? Also, if you consume some part of them, because you didn't know they were in that food product what are the health risks? Katherine.
You should probably discard most of you dry foods.  If you cook foods before consuming, they should note cause any health problems, but we are not health experts.  To eliminate the problem now and reduce to risk of another infestation you may be wise to call a professional.    See the answers below.
Q 751 What is the best control for the larder beetle in a bedroom in a house in Regina, Sask.  Sandra,
Food infesting beetles usually stay close to their food source and are not common in bedrooms.  If the bedroom is adjoining your kitchen or a pantry they can crawl into wall cavities and emerge on the other side. If you store food in the bedroom, remove it. Check your dry foods everywhere in the house for larva and adults.  Use this web page to positively identify the pest.  You may wish to consider having a professional inspect for things you have overlooked and eliminate the problem. This could cost less than discarding your food a number of times. 
Q 750  In our kitchen we keep finding a certain insect. They're about 3mm long with about 3/4mm long antennae. They're dark brown in color in the head and thorax and more a medium brown (maybe even reddish brown) in the rear section. The rear section takes up over half it's body. The sections aren't as well defined as an ants. We find them in our sugar, cereal and around our cupboards. They seem to like to hide in small cracks (like under things or in the space between the cupboard door and the cupboard whne the door is closed). They started appearing about 2 weeks ago. Any help on identifying this insect would be appreciated. Peter. Scarborough, Ontario
See the Stored food pest page for identification.  Check the answers to questions and below.
Q 749  I have problems with a very small black, flying bug, egg shape with legs, that seems to be in my cereal, seasons, dried products in my house kitchen cabinets. Want to find out how to get rid of them. I've had to throw out food because of these bugs. Can you help? Thanks DB.  Fremont, Ca.
See the answers to the 4 questions above
Q 748  What is the best way to eliminate drain flies. We have tried numerous kinds of drainos and have cleaned the kitchen drains.  Patty.  North Bay, Ontario.
Most pest professionals now use a machine that injects an expanding foam into the drains to coat all surfaces. (like shaving foam)  It is sometimes mixed with an insecticide approved to control drain flies.  I don't think there is a product available for consumers to purchase.  Call a local professional to get an estimate.  Ontario pest professionals.
Q 747  I seem to have a lot of what I call wood lice in my home -can you tell me the best way to get rid of them?
Thanks.  Lindsay. Aberdeen, Scotland
Sow bugs and pill bugs are often called wood lice. Have a look at our sow bug pages.
Q746  I am now living in my mother's basement which was recently,  renovated. It contains a new bathroom, with a sump-pump hidden under the sink.  There is a tiny pre-existing window in the bathroom and two large windows were added during renovations; one in the bedroom and one in the foyer. A large crawl space is accessed through a bedroom wall. My mother keeps the main floor of this bungalow immaculate and I keep the downstairs tidy.
I have noticed a surprising aray of bugs and insects. Over the past month I have seen and killed four house centipedes - 3 found in the bath tub, one on the floor. Lately there have been many sow bugs. I kill at least two on the bathroom floor every day. I know that house centipedes can kill sow bugs but I find the centipedes and the sow bugs unpleasant. Do I have to 'put up' with these insects/bugs?? Sandra. Ottawa.  Ontario.
The need for a sump pump in a basement is clear evidence there is a moisture problem. Is there a proper ground seal in the crawl space? Is it ventilated?  The centipedes and sow bugs are present because of the humid conditions.  Were the renovations checked by a local  inspector to ensure the new living space meets building code standards? If not, call the contractor and make changes to improve ventilation and reduce humidity.  See: sow bug pages.
Q745  We have a severe Tick problem. These are brown dog ticks picked up in Mexico or Arizona this spring. We thought we had rid ourselves of the problem but now they are back in force. We brought some to a government entomologist who confirmed the type of tick. We have bathed the dogs with solutions from our Vet. We have vacuumed the house several times and sprayed with Siphotrol 2000 from the Vet. and also Hartz Control from Wal-Mart. We also have tick collars from the vet. I have just found another live tick upstairs in our bed, and the dogs have not been upstairs. "Help" !!!! John. Surrey, B.C.

I looks like you are doing the right things but perhaps not often enough.  Each surviving female tick can lay as many as 5000 eggs.  You may have to have the dogs dipped or treated by a vet on a regular basis while you continue to treat the home.  Use your vacuum cleaner like it has never been used before.  Use a crevice tool to get in close to the baseboards, cracks and crevices.  It may cost less  to have a professional apply an insecticide where it will be most  effective.
   This is what George C. Hamilton, Ph.D., Specialist in Pest Management at Rutgers University has to say: “Brown dog tick infestations in homes usually require the services of a pest control operator in order to obtain satisfactory results. It may be several weeks to several months, depending upon the degree of infestation, before control can be achieved.  Therefore, even with the services of an exterminator, do not expect results overnight.”   You can read more at this web site.

Q 744  2 large rattle snakes and 2 or 3 smalls ones have been killed in my yard this year. one on the car port today. Is there any thing that can be put in the yard to help keep rid of them.  Ronnie.  Georgia.
Rattle snakes are not much of a problem in Canada so you would probably get better advice from a local pest professional.
Q 743  I have found a few little moths in my room - I've killed all that are flying around and do not see any signs of where they are living. What are some ways that I can get rid of them permanently (not using moth balls)? Thanks for your help, Ali.  Ontario
Have the moth identified. Common Indian meal moths are related to dry foods.  Clothes moths larva eat natural fibers.  The treatment is different for each.
See these pages:
  Indian meal moth          Clothes Moth
Q 742   About a month ago, I noticed I was starting to see large black ants (3/8" to 3/4" long) inside the house (mainly in the kitchen). Outside at the back of the house, there were dozens upon dozens of them crawling across the patio and all over the rear wall of our brick house. I sprinkled some ant poison (powder) across the back end of the house; some on the wall and some on the patio and grass. Today, I can barely find any sign of them outside the house, however, I am seeing them regularly (6 or 8 per day) inside my dishwasher. There is a little bit of water left in the bottom of the diswasher which I have now removed. I believe this may have been their drinking water supply. I will monitor their return to the empty watering hole over the next few days. My questions are: Are all big black ants carpenter ants? I have searched, but cannot find them anywhere in the house except what I am seeing at the dishwasher. Do you think I have a nest (and a queen) inside the house, or would these ants I am finding simply be stragglers?  Quigley.  Oshawa, Ontario
You probably have a satellite nest of carpenter ants in the house.  The queen(s) will be outside in a stump or underground wood.  The poison you used likely got rid of the evidence but less than 10% of the workers ever leave the nests.  More than 90% are still in the nest and will eventually send out more workers to gather food and moisture until it gets  too cold.   This is one pest that should be turned over to a pest professional.  See:   Carpenter ants.
Q 741  I have pillbugs I sweep every night and by morning my floor is covered again and they are dead, does anyone know where they are coming from ?
I had an exterminator for about 1 year and it did not help. thanks Donna
When pill bugs leave their moist environment they can not breath through their gills so they die on your dry floor.  You must have a moisture problem under your floor.  See:  pill bug, sow bugs, centipedes.
Q 740  My dog killed a rabbit and we put the remains in a plastic bag and then disposed of it in our garbage pail. Now, we have a pail full of there anything we can do to get rid of them without calling pest control? Possibly a household item?  Michele
A mixture of bleach and water should kill the maggots and any other nasty things.  Dead animals should be triple wrapped in plastic and disposed of at a land fill (garbage) site or buried deep enough that other animals will not dig them up.
Q 739  How can I get rid of maggots in my house.  Tanya
Maggots are the larva stage of flies.  Eliminate the food source that is attracting them. Sanitation is the answer. 
Q 738  I have a miniscule black bug in my kitchen I haven't been able to identify. It has a hard shell, beetle like, no extending legs, no feelers, moves very slowly, no wings. I have found them in dried foods, as well as just sitting on countertops. The largest can't be more than 1mm long. Can you please help me identify it and tell me what to do to eliminate them? Im not sure if they are plant borne, (I have a large collection of plants on my window) or food borne.
Elizabeth.  Toronto, Ontario
You have a stored food beetle. They often arrive in a home in wild bird seed, pet food and bulk grain products but they could also be in packaged dry foods.
Have a look at our stored food pests page for elimination information.
Q 737  How do I get rid of pharaoh ants in my home.  Susan.  Oshawa, Ontario
1. Do not spray any pesticides as this will spread them out and make the problem worse.
2. Some good quality ant baits will work if they are applied properly and you have patience. 
3. Consider having a professional treat the problem.  It can be a frustrating task.
Q 736  I found a spider in the yard it was about 1 inch around .the body was grayish/white and it had yellow stripes on its legs. could it be poisonous? thanks.    Louella.  Medicine Hat, Alberta
This sounds like some of the recent pictures submitted and published on our What Is This Pest page.  They seem to be in abundance on the prairies this year. It may be a Argiope trifasciata.  Apparently they are harmless.
Q 734  Is there a non-violent way of preventing raccoons from going overturning all the pots of plants in our little fish pond? Not only are the plants damaged, but the clay from the potting soil clouds the water for days. I can only imagine how it's coating the bottom of the pond (about two or three feet deep.) We're not even sure the four fish have survived till it's cleared. They've managed to avoid being "dinner" so far.  Maureen.  Newmarket, Ontario
You will have to trap them or fence them out.  Raccoons are very persistent and will come back about every 3 days to get at a food source (YOUR FISH)
Q 734  I realize that you may not have this problem in Canada, but I'll ask anyway. Twice recently I have received severe stings from a type of catepillar that has taken up residence both in and outside of our house. This catepillar about 2 inches long, covered in hair, has nodules on it's back and is greenish. Apparently it establishes a cacoon in a snug dark place (like my shoes or work-out shirt)and when the cacoon is broken open (by the putting on of shoes or shirt)it emerges and goes on a stinging rampage. It's truly remarkable. I developed literally hundreds of little welts that are very painful and itch like crazy. At present, the entire left side of my torso from arm pit to waist is covered in welts. Any idea what this thing is? I'd like to research this so even if you could just give me a couple of names to check out it would be really helpful. If you don't have these in Canada, be very, very glad.  Thanks in advance. 
Leslie.  Pittsboro North Carolina USA
Q 733 I recently bought a house and when I started renovating the kitchen I discovered lots and lots of mice crap over the original drop ceiling. I started to pull out insulation that was stained and contained mouse crap. There is insulation even within the interior walls and between the 1st and 2nd floors. I can look down between the joists with a flashlight and see the the mice have tunneled further into the insulation. I haven't even looked in the attic yet. I immediately started to set traps. If I start poisoning with warfarin will the mice die in my house and start to stink. Is it possible to cause the in house population to go extinct so to speak? Is there any way to have the mice die outside my house? Do I have to pull all the insulation in the house out to control this problem? Is there danger in leaving the old feces there in the walls? Dennis.  Niagara Falls, Ontario
1. make sure you are taking all the precautions to avoid Hantavirus2. Try to block the entry points. Pack steel wool around pipes where they go through the floor into the walls.  3. Traps are good but if it is a heavy infestation poison bait should be used.  There are much better products available than warfarin.
You do not need to replace the insulation but use caution when handling it.  See the Rodent page
Q 732  My roommate and I recently moved into a lovely low rise apartment, with large trees outside. Since we moved in, we've been "visited" on a daily basis by a squirrel. He has tore holes in the screens in both our windows, eaten our food, and pooped on our couch! We are at our wits ends, and sweltering in the heat, because we can't leave the windows open. HELP! Are there any cruelty-free methods to keep the little guy away?  Marissa.  Toronto, Ontario
Stronger screens. You might try making some heavy wire mesh screens to fit just the open part of the window.
Q 731  What is the best way to rid our attic of squirrels. We recently bought an old home (1949) and now that the weather is getting cooler we have heard them in the attic area. We live next to a school yard and the yard itself has a lot of trees in it. I look forward to hearing some solutions. Denise.  Edmonton, Alta.
Remove tree branches and vines that provide an easy route to your attic. Go in the dark attic and look for holes where there is light. Patch all the holes.
You can install a one way door over the hole you think is the main entry point.  Live trapping outside is your best option.
Q 730  An exterminator placed 28 termite traps around my house two years ago, and no termites have been found during quarterly inspections. I have been told that one small area at one corner of the building harbors the termites. Yesterday, when I inspected the area, after having been told again that it is infested, all I saw were some sow bugs. Sow bugs are not supposed to eat healthy wood. If so, who can be damaging the house? The area in question is in the shade, against concrete and moist. Nothing seems to be crumbling. Gertrude,   Boxford, Mass., USA
Q 729  Recommended electronic deer repellant system and how well they actually work????  Richard,  Mt. Tremblant, Quebec
If they did work I could sell 200 tomorrow.  Residents on the Island where I live have tried many things to keep these cute Bambies out of the gardens. Some  smelly repellants work for a short time but the deer soon get used to them.  Electric fences 6 feet high will work but ultrasonic repellant systems are a waste of money.    Larry Cross.  Salt Spring Island, B.C.
Q 728  What home remedy can i use to get rid of moth & weevil in my flour & pasta thank you. Nancy.
Examine all dry food and throw away anything contaminated.  Wash cupboards, containers and lids with hot soapy water. (All dry foods should be put in air tight containers.)   A light crack and crevice spray with an insecticide may be necessary. Calling a professional may prevent throwing away more food in the future.  For more information see Indian Meal Moths.
Q 727  I was stung by a wasp a week ago -- the swelling went down that night. Now a week later I have broken out in a rash around the sting -- is this normal or should i be concerned?  Una.  Boston
When it comes to pests we try to be helpful but medical problems are best taken to a medical professional.
Q 726  I have found the bug i call rolly pollly in my living room and kitchen how are they getting in and what causes them and how do i get rid of them.  Peggy,    Westcarrollton, Ohio
You will find your answers on our Sow Bugs and Pill Bugs pages
Q 725  How or what is the best method to rid the house of silver fish. I think they are in the attic because some become trapped in ceiling lights. We believe they might be in wall cavities when we find them on the floor. What is their source of food in a home. Thank you! Steve.  Illinois
Because silverfish are so shy it is difficult to find their breeding places.  They like warm, moist and dark conditions. 
Canadian Pest Control Ltd. in Vancouver has some good information on this web site.
Q 724  What kind of pest would leave its eggs attached to the side of a house? I have these small gray patches on the house that look like little tiny eggs stuck together. Jason,  Winnipeg, Manitoba
They are probably spider eggs.
Q 723  We have noted an increasing number of beetles in our house of late. They are about 1/8" long and look very much like the second black beetle from the left that appears flashing on and off at on your web page. At this point we are finding 2 or 3 a day on the walls and floors of our kitchen and living room with the odd one showing up in the bathroom. What is this beetle and what do we do to get them under control?  Ernie. Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta.
Your description is not very detailed. If you send a few specimens in a small pill bottle to a professional they can be properly identified then the proper control method applied.  I suggest you contact Barry at Dominion Crown Pest Control in Edmonton.  He offers service in your area.
Q 722  Hi:  I, like many of the people who have written to you have a mole problem. I have a large yard that has old pines and cedars.  I also have a beautiful Japanese garden which we mulch to keep the weeds down. Over the past few months I have noted numerous holes (small tunnels) throughout my gardens. Recently we have seen trails under ground with raised mounds of grass coming and going out of these tunnels. I have tried warfrin type products bought commercially, I have had a pest control company put down rodenticides, and today I have used some type of sulpher gas which I also bought commercially. I live in Aurora and would appreciate any suggestions as to a service who deal with these pests. I am starting to take this very personally and it is either me or the moles! Please can you help?  Marlene.    Aurora, Ontario
Moles do not eat the same things as rats and mice so using those types of poisons will not work. The most effective control is using mole traps but it takes experience and patience.  Find a local professional that has experience trapping moles.  Ontario pest professionals
Q 721  Please help!!!!! A wall in the home I rent is infested with wasps. You can hear them louder than anything without even putting your ear to the wall. It sounds as though there are thousands of them. I've already killed hundreds of them outside from where they are entering, but it seems as though they are multiplying. I'm afraid they will eat through the wall and end up all through my home. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
First you should call your landlord and suggest he have a professional deal with the problem.  If there is a chance they could enter your living space you don't want to risk getting stung.

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Q 720  Is there anyway to get rid of Maple bugs outside of our house. Normally I do not mind them but this year we are infested. I was wondering if something attracts them to our area, if so I will get rid of the attraction.  Thank you.  Lorna.  Vernon, B.C.

In autumn, Maple Bugs (also called Boxelder Bugs) often gather in large numbers around buildings where there are lots of warm places to hibernate for the winter. They hide in cracks and crevices in walls and around foundations, windows and doors, and in tree hollows and stone piles. These insects are harmless  they don’t damage the trees that they feed on, and they don’t bite, sting or otherwise cause a health risk to humans. If you want to reduce the number of Maple Bugs around your home, try to eliminate potential hiding places; rake up leaves around the foundation, caulk and close openings where the bugs can enter the house and remove piles of debris such as boards and rocks from the area.  See our page:  Boxelder Bugs

Q 719  Hello; We are being invaded by "Stink Bugs" there are hundreds of them on the exterior walls of our house and they manage to get inside all too often. We have been here for six years and they suddenly appeared last year and have come back these last few days again. We have sealed up every possible entry point, but some how they manage to get in, especially through the bathroom fans ( we have screened off the roof jacks as well) My question - is there something that we could use to keep them away from the house and to kill them? They are driving us nuts!!! Need you help desperately!!!  Thanks, Mike      Salmon Arm, B.C.
Are you sure they are stink bugs. There are a number of different species but they all have the shape of a shield. In late summer and fall it is common to see boxelder bugs on the outside walls of homes. (see question 720 above)
Adult stink bugs can be very difficult to control, especially in fall gardens, because they are so mobile and migrate from field to field in the fall.
They can be quite a problem for fruit crops including apples. They are also somewhat large with a thick exoskeleton (outer body covering) that helps prevent insecticide penetration into its body. Control them, if possible, before wing development. If it is too late, you may have to call a professional to do an exterior perimeter spray.  Most pest professionals in your area provide service to orchards so they should be familiar with the problem.
Q 718  I have a problem with squirrels in a rental property I manage. We have sealed up all entrances we can find with either gyprock or steel mesh. They still keep getting in. We have live trapped some and moved them 30km away and now we are snap-trapping them. There has been no food source in the house as the tenants were away for 2 months, but the squirrels bring in their own and store it. We are running out of ideas how to stop them from getting in. Because of the tenants' pet dog and small children, poison is not an option. We are now looking at electronic chasers. I actually have two in my apartment and I find they work on the mice. I can't tell if the mice are still in the walls (we don't hear them anymore), but they are definitely staying out of my living space. Any suggestions to deal with the squirrels would be welcome. Cathy ;  Halifax, NS
Ultrasonic pest devices produce a noise that discourages some animals but only if they are in "direct view" of the device.  Overall they are not very effective.  It sounds like you have done all the practical things except finding the entry points.  Perhaps an experienced professional may spot something you overlooked.  It could cost you less money and grief than trying to do any more yourself.    Halifax professionals in the directory.
Q 717 How do you get rid of moths, that seem to appear by the dozens in my Daughters Apartment, Also ants. Renee.
You must first determine what type of ants and moths they are then the appropriate control method can be taken. Take samples to a local pest professional for identification.  If they can't identify them find one who can. Check the answers to #713, 714, 715.
Q 716  I found insects in my linen closet and wardrobe that I believe I have identified as silverfish. (by the link and the website did not offer enough advice on how to eliminate the insect from my home. Our house was vacant for a couple month while we visited family stateside. I will obviously try to move everything around and bag it in order to discourage them, but the website stated the silverfish can go up to one year without food. Is there a poison or something that they will consume that will eradicate them? Thank you for your help. Kim. Okinawa, Japan
Have a look again at this web site. If the control methods suggested don't work you should probably call a professional.  Click on "silverfish" in the list on the insects  page.  Getting rid of moist conditions is important.
Q 715  I have found two small worm like things on my kitchen counter. They were found totally separate, not like an infestation or anything. But I would really like to know what they are. They are slender, grayish white with a brown head. I have not had any flies in my house and they were not around any food. I have not seen them anywhere else. We do have a problem with moths and sometimes gnats in our house (getting in from outside). Could this worm things be maggots? Tammie.  Knoxville
It sound like you have Indian Meal Moths. The larva is worm like and crawls around looking for a food source.  Check all your dry foods (flour, cereals, crackers) before you eat them.  Read more....Indian meal moths.
Q 714  I would like to indentify a worm. The worm is about half an inch long and its kind of yellow to reddish color and at the end it has a black tip. It crawls on ceiling.  Juan.  Santa Ana
See the answer to the above question.
Q 713  Hi, I've been having this problem with worm like insects that are living on my clothes inside of my dresser's and on clothes that are just hanging up in my room. They look like a light color brown, with spiral looking skin.
please help me identify this insect and eliminate them. Aviance.  Amherst
They could be clothes moth larva. Have a look at the pictures on this page:   Clothes moths  There is a good description and suggestions to control and prevent.
Sevin will work but it is not legal to use for bees or wasps in Canada.  Read the label. Use caution. Don't breath the dust.
Q 711  The other day I was picking some clothes off the floor to put away and I noticed a spider jump from the clothes and run very fast behind a chest. I pulled the chest out and caught the spider in a glass. I have now found 2 spiders in my house that look the same. They look exactly like the Brown recluse spider. The same colouring, fangs, markings, everything. My question is that I do not know who to call as there seems to never have been an identified case of the Brown recluse in Alberta. Just bites that look like it could have been from one. Anyways I have the spider but I don't know who to call. PLEASE help me I have been running around in circles trying to figure this out. Thank you.  Melissa.  Calgary
You've got a Hobo Spider. Brown recluses have not been found that far west but hobo's are quite common. Big suckers eh?!
Bill.  Coquitlam B.C.

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Q 710  I have discovered Vicinus carpenter ants throughout my backyard this year. After learning a few things about them I figure the "mother nest" is somewhere high up in our mature spruce tree. The top 20' or so has slowly bent over, nearly the shape of a paper clip since spring and these ants are climbing up as far as I can see. I have found 3 satelite nest so far in the lawn and one under the root of a tiny poplar seedling in the garden. Do we call in a tree remover or a pest exterminator? Thank you kindly for any advice. Darlene.  Martensville, Sask.
In some parts of Canada, there are numerous carpenter ant nests on the property. They can be a beneficial insect if they don't enter our structures.  If the nests are near your home they should be eliminated.  Carpenter ants seldom cause serious damage to a healthy tree. It sounds like this tree is not very healthy so the ants may be chewing on a soft or decaying section.
Q 709  I'd like to get rid of the spiders on the outside of my house, without spraying insecticide all over my siding. We live in a lakeside house - lots of sand, lots of spiders. Any answers? Thank you. Dorothy.  Osconda.
What are the spiders eating? Check the webs for insect parts, then try to get rid of that food source.  The insects they are eating may be more of a problem than the spiders.
Q 708  Sunday I saw what looked like a HUGE bee, the body was thick like a pencil and long, nearly 2 inches.
It had bright yellow and black rings around his back, a pointed back side, and brown wings. He flew low to the ground and rather slowly, probably due to his size. He landed on the sidewalk, flew again and landed in a drainage tile, probably looking for water. What was this? Thanks, anxious for your reply.  Joni.  North Huston
Have a look at the pictures on our "What is this pest" page. The answer might be there.
Q 707  How do you exterminate rats in the garden without harming the squirrels please? Anthony; Victoria, BC

Eliminate the food source that is attracting both of them.  Wild bird feed is often the cause of this problem.
The best way to control rats is to find their burrows and place some pellet or seed bait down the holes. First find a bait that is registered for borrow placements. This information can be found on the product label. Make sure that the bait is out of reach of children and pets. A section of garden hose or a long handled spoon can be used to get the bait deep in the borrows. Do not collapse the borrow yet. Instead wait a few days (at least 3 days as most rodenticides need at least 3 days to kill) and place crumpled up newspaper in the burrow's) entrance so that a rat would have to move it to get in/out, but really doesn’t slow it down. This will tell you if the borrow is active. Continue to check the newspaper. If it has been disturbed place more bait down the hole and replace the newspaper. Continue this routine until the newspaper has not been disturbed for 3 or 4 days and then collapse the borrow entrance. Don’t worry about squirrels going down the borrows. They know rats would not tolerate any such intrusion. If you need more tips or clarification on any thing please contact me.   Stuart Charbonneau           Liphatech  (Rodent Control Supplies)

Q 706  I woke up to an infestation of what I think might be book lice. Have you heard of these in this area? It's either that or some kind of spider mite. They are extremely tiny white or almost transparent bugs, all over everything. They don't seem to bite and they seem to be limited to one room. But the problem there is that most of the furniture in one room is dark colored (making the bug visible) whereas the rest of the house is more light colored. HELP I've got a curious three year old! I did spray them with Raid House and Garden which killed them on contact, but where why and how do I get rid of them forever!??  PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE HELP! Thank-you Nadeana; Hemmingford, Quebec.

book lice

Look at one closely under a strong magnifying glass.  If it is similar to this picture, it is likely a Psocid  or book lice. They can only exist in a high moisture environment so they are often found in bathrooms and adjoining rooms.  I have found them in a kitchen wall that had a shower stall on the other side.  There was probably a slight plumbing leak, poor caulking around the tub or they did not use the exhaust fan when needed to remove steam. 

Q 705  My question is: Are there any laws protecting our home from a neighbors infested (cockroach) home? We are now seeing them since they moved in, and are told that there is nothing we can do? Is there? Tiffany; 
Owego, NY, USA
Every town, county, state, province and country has it's own set of laws.  You would have to ask local officials.
The local health department may be interested if there is a sanitation problem that could effect the neighborhood.
Q 704  How do I get rid of Pharaoh Ants from my kitchen? Thank you. Lynda; Milton.
Do not spray any pesticides. This would spread out the problem.  Pharaoh ants should be treated with a quality ant bait. It may take weeks to get the problem under control. The most effective ant bait is currently not available in Canada.
Q 703  Will freezing kill the egg stage of the confused flour beetle inside baked breads? Jan; Phoenix / Tempe, Arizona. USA. 
Are your serious?  No insect, egg or larva can survive the heat needed to bake bread. 
Q 702  How can i get rid of moths in my home without using mothballs? Or is there a way to attrack them to a certain area, possibly using some kind of food or sugar so i can kill them when i find them there?  tricia
You will first have to determine what type of moth you have so the right control method can be applied.  Moths are not very interested in any type of food but the larva stage is.  The Indian Meal Moth larva  will infest dry foods like flower, crackers, pasta etc.  Clothes moth larva consume fibers such as wool.  See next question and answer.
Q 701  How do I get rid of moths which have affected carpets and wool sweaters in my home? Leila; Montreal.
Clothes moths can be controlled by a variety of methods, including periodic dry cleaning or laundering, proper storage, freezing, heating, trapping, or using an insecticide. If humidity can be kept low inside buildings, an environment that is not suitable for clothes moth development will be created. Good housekeeping practices are also important. Although most people can control clothes moth problems themselves, some infestations are best handled by a pest control applicator who has the equipment, materials, and experience necessary to deal with a difficult control job.

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