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How to control, get rid of,  eliminate, kill, exterminate, eradicate or manage bed bugs, sow bugs, spiders, wasps, ants, rats, mice and other  pests. Bug identification.

    A close look at pests.

A close look at pests


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At the bottom of the page is another list of insects which link to specific non-Canadian web pages we have selected for good content. 

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Featured Pages

Ant Nest Photos

Identification & Life cycle of Carpenter Ants

Digital microscope 
carpenter  ant photos.

Getting rid of Carpenter ants

Common Questions 
and answers about 
carpenter ants.

Can you identify some of these creatures?

If you don't find the information you want, see our
ask the pest experts

Basics of Bug Identification 
A simple guide especially of interest to gardeners.


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Send us your pest photos

Insect Photo Identification.  "What is this pest"
     View thousands of photos and submit your own for identification.

List of Insect Pages

Ants       Ant
A general description of ant pests and their life cycle.
Ant nest photos
     Carpenter ants   Description, life cycle,
     prevention,  questions and answers.
     Getting rid of Carpenter ants.  Many ants can be controlled
     with  poisonous bait but don't waste  your  money  trying  to poison this
     species.  This page will help you understand  Canada's
     most common pests.
    Digital Microscope photos
  of carpenter ants.

Questions and Answers about carpenter ants and other pests.
Thatching Ants

    Pharaoh Ants

Bed Bugs   Spreading rapidly around the world again, this bug may be your next uninvited guest.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs  Everything you need to know to prevent, identify and control this pest making a comeback.   

Bees (Wild) 
Sometimes they can be a pest, but rarely are they dangerous if left alone. Wild bees are a  very beneficial insect.  Read  some other interesting facts about them on this page. 
Orchard Bees 

Bees, Hornets and Wasps 
How to identify and control.
     Make a cheap, effective wasp trap.  


Box Elder Bugs: 

Carpenter ants

Carpet Beetles

Clothes Moths

Clover Mites

Cockroaches  What you can do to eliminate this hungry enemy. 

Entomology :  List of links

Fabric Pests
   Carpet Beetles

   Clothes Moths

FleasNot the problem they used to be but still around in some homes.

   Flying insect identification 

Phorid Flies

Grain Beetles

Hornets, Bees and Wasps  How to identify and control.
     Make a cheap, effective wasp trap.

Indian Meal Moth

Lady Bugs


Moths:   Clothes Moths;   Indian Meal Moth

Orchard Bees

Pharaoh Ants

Phorid Flies

Pill Bugs

Powder Post BeetlesWhat to look for in a home.


Sow Bugs One of the first insects known to man. Not really an insect and  not very harmful.
There are ways to keep this nuisance under control.

Spiders    Lots of photos and links to more information

Stored food pests
     Indian Meal Moth


Thatching Ants

Wasps, Bees and Hornets  How to identify and control.
     Make a cheap, effective wasp trap.  2 types to choose.

Insect Photo Identification.  "What is this pest"
     View thousands of photos and submit your own for identification 


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These are links to fact sheets of common household and pantry insect pest problems,  A good non commercial web site. Note: These are not Canadian web sites so any references to pesticides may not be valid in Canada.
Agrarian Sac Spider
Alfalfa Weevil
American Cockroaches
American Plum Borer
Angoumois Grain Moth
Ants in Home Lawns
Aphids on Ornamentals x
Apple Grain Aphid
Apple Leafminer
Apple Maggot
Apple Rust Mite
Armyworm as a Pest of Field Corn
Asparagus Beetle
Bait Hives (PDF)
Banded Garden Spider
Barn Funnel Weaver
Basic Bee Biology for Beekeepers (PDF)
Bean Seed Maggot
Beans - Insect Identification and Control in the Home Garden
Bears and Bees (PDF)
Bed Bugs
Bee Diseases and Their Control (PDF)
Beekeeping Equipment and Supplies (PDF)
Bees Are Beneficial
Billbugs as Pests of Field Corn
Billbugs in Home Lawns
Birch Leafminer
Bird Mites
Black Carpet Beetle
Black Cherry Aphid
Black Cutworm
Black Vine Weevil
Bold Jumper
Boxelder Bug
Boxwood Leafminer
Boxwood Psyllid
Bristletails (Silverfish and Firebrats)
Broad-Faced Sac Spider
Bronze Birch Borer
Brown Marmorated Stink Bug
Brown Recluse Spiders
Brown-banded Cockroaches
Buffalo Treehopper
Bulb Crops - Insect Identification and Control in the Home Garden
Cabbage Maggot
Carpenter Ants
Carpenter Bees
Cat Fleas
Cereal and Pantry Pests
Cereal Leaf Beetle
Cereal Rust Mite
Chemicals and Drugs for Control of Parasites and Pests of Honey Bees (PDF)
Cherry Fruit Fly and Black Cherry Fruit Fly
Chinch Bugs in Home Lawns
Cigarette Beetle
Citronella Ants
Clothes Moth
Clover Mites
Clover Root Curculio: A Pest of Alfalfa and Clover
Cluster Flies
Codling Moth
Colorado Potato Beetle
Common House Spider
Commonly Encountered Pennsylvania Spiders
Confused Flour Beetle and Red Flour Beetle
Cooley Spruce Gall Adelgid
Corn Earworm
Corn Earworm in Sweet Corn
Corn Flea Beetle and Bacterial Wilt
Corn Leaf Aphid on Field Corn
Corn Rootworm in Sweet Corn
Cottony Maple Scale
Cross Orbweaver
Dark and Yellow Mealworms
Deer Keds
Diamondback Moth
Dividing Honey Bee Colonies (PDF)
Dogwood Borer
Dominulus or European Paper Wasp
Drugstore Beetle
Early Season Soil Pests
Early Spring Management
Eastern Spruce Gall Adelgid
Eastern Subterranean Termites
Eastern Tent Caterpillar
Elm Leaf Beetle
Elm Spanworm
Elongate Hemlock Scale
End of Season Clean-up
Euonymus Scale
European Apple Sawfly
European Corn Borer
European Corn Borer on Peppers
European Earwigs
European Fruit Lecanium
European Hornet
European Pine Sawfly
European Pine Shoot Moth
European Red Mite on Apples
Fall Armyworm as a Pest of Field Corn
Fall Cankerworm
Fall Management
Fall Webworm
False Black Widow
Fishing Spider
Flea Beetle
Fletcher Scale
Flour and Grain Mites
Foreign Grain Beetles
Galls on Oak
Garden Symphylan as a Pest of Field Crops
German Cockroaches
Grape Root Borer
Grass Spiders
Grass-Carrying Wasp
Green Aphids
Green Fruitworms
Green June Beetle
Green Peach Aphid
Green Peach Aphid on Peppers
Gypsy Moth
Gypsy Moth
Hackledmesh Weavers
Hairy Fungus Beetles
Hemlock Woolly Adelgid
Hessian Fly on Wheat
Honeylocust Plant Bug
House Centipedes
House Flies
Human Lice
Identifying Non-targets from Fall Armyworm Pheromone Captures
Indian Meal Moth
Information for Bee-Ginners
Insect Control Strategies for Vine Crops
Insect Pests of Soybeans in Pennsylvania


Insect-Parasitic Nematodes for the Management of Soil-Dwelling Insects
Instructions for Using Pheromone-Baited Traps for European Corn
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for Beekeepers (PDF)
Is Something Biting Me?
Japanese Beetle
Japanese Beetle Control on Ornamental Plants
Japanese Hornfaced Bee, Basic Biology and Management of (PDF)
Juniper Scale
Keeping Bees in Populated Areas/Tips for Suburban Beekeepers (PDF)
Lace Bug on Deciduous Woody Ornamental Plants
Lace Bugs on Broad-Leaved Evergreen Ornamental Plants
Larder Beetle
Leaf Galls on Maple
Leafy Vegetables - Insect Identification and Control in the Home Garden
Lesser Appleworm
Lesser Peach Tree Borer
Longbodied Cellar Spider
Magnolia Scale
Major Insect Pests of Red Clover in Pennsylvania
Managing Stored-Grain on the Farm
Marbled Orbweaver
Masked Hunter
Mediterranean Flour Moth
Mimosa Webworm
Moth Flies in the Home
Moving Bees
Mullein Plant Bug
Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle
Native Holly Leafminer
Obliquebanded Leafroller
Obscure Scale
Old House Borer
Onion Thrips
Oriental Cockroaches
Oriental Fruit Moth
Oystershell Scale
Pavement Ant
Peach Tree Borer
Peachtree Borer
Pear Psylla
Pear Slug
Pear Thrips
Pear Thrips in Pennsylvania
Pearleaf Blister Mite and Pear Rust Mite
Pennsylvania Wood Cockroaches
Periodical Cicada
Periodical Cicada
Pests of Honey Bees (PDF)
Pests of Vegetables
Pine Needle Scale
Plant Bugs on Strawberries
Plum Curculio
Pollination Contracts
Potato Leafhopper
Potato Leafhopper on Alfalfa
Potato Leafhopper on Vegetables
Potato Leafhopper on Woody Ornamentals
Powderpost Beetles
Queen, Nuc, and Package Bee Suppliers (PDF)
Redbanded Leafroller
Removing Bees
Resistance and Its Management
Rhododendron Borer
Root Crops - Insect Identification and Control in the Home Garden
Rose Leafhopper
Rose-Seed Megastigmus
Rosy Apple Aphid
San Jose Scale
Sawtoothed and Merchant Grain Beetle
Seedcorn Maggot as a Pest of Field Corn
Shothole Borer
Slugs and Their Control
Slugs as Pests of Field Corn
Small-Scale Fruit Production Guide
Snailcase Bagworm
Sod Webworm as Occasional Pests of Field Corn
Sod Webworms in Home Lawns
Sources of Information/Assistance for Beekeepers (PDF)
Southern Black Widow Spider
Soybean Aphid
Spider Beetles
Spotted Tentiform Leafminer
Spruce Spider Mite
Squash Bug
Squash Vine Borer
Stalk Borer
Stinging Insect Control (PDF)
Swarming - Its Prevention and Control
Sweet Corn - Insect Identification and Control in the Home Garden
Sweet Corn Thresholds
Tarnished Plant Bug
Tarnished Plant Bugs, other Plant Bugs, and Stink Bugs
Thrips on Cabbage
Tips on How to Handle Bees (PDF)
Tracheal Mites (PDF)
Transferring Bees
Treated Seed for Flea Beetle and Stewart's Wilt Management in Sweet Corn
Tree Fruit Production Guide
Tufted Apple Budmoth
Tuliptree Scale
Two-Spotted Spider Mite on Soybeans and Field Corn
Twospotted Spider Mite
Twospotted Spider Mite on Stone Fruits
Variegated Leafroller
Varroa Mite (PDF)
Vegetable Insect Pest Management Sources of Information
Viburnum Leaf Beetle
Vine Crops - Insect Identification and Control in the Home Garden
Vinegar Flies
Wax Moth (PDF)
Weevils on Stored Grain
West Nile Encephalitis: What You Need to Know
Western and Northern Corn Rootworm Management in Pennsylvania
Western Conifer Seedbug
Western Flower Thrips
What is the Africanized Honey Bee
White Apple Leafhopper
White Grubs in Home Lawns
White Pine Weevil
Wireworms as Pests of Field Crops
Wolf Spiders
Woodlouse Hunter
Woolly Apple Aphid
Yellow Garden Spider
Yellownecked Caterpillar


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